Far Cry Primal Day One Patch Adds Expert Mode

Far Cry Primal has launched today for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but with it, Ubisoft has also released a day one patch which adds Expert mode, a new game difficulty that will give players a real challenge as they embark on their journey through Oros.

Besides the new difficulty, Ubisoft’s day one patch comes packed with a few tweaks and adjustments to the overall gameplay, but for the most part, the updates are minor improvements. Overall, it seems the patch was released to take care of the few little bugs that would have been more of a distraction as players progress through the game.

The most notable change that comes with the new day one patch is the Expert mode which will be the hardest difficulty within the game. For starters, Player’s health will be halved compared to the Hard difficulty along with the reduced aim assist, and lastly, enemy AI will be significantly smarter.

Ubisoft’s day one patch also improves the lighting, wildlife, AI, along with overall balancing various aspects within the game. Gameplay cinematic’s was also touched up where developers improved the animation of weapons on fire, player navigation, collision issues, and camera transitions during an in-game cinematic.

The size of the patch is set about 560MB for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As for PC gamers, Far Cry Primal will launch worldwide on March 1, 2016. Did you pick up Far Cry Primal? Let us know if you’re enjoying the gameplay by leaving us a comment down below.