Far Cry Primal Reviews Roundup

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This is a reviews roundup for Far Cry Primal, available on February 23, 2016 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Overall, Far Cry Primal has received a mixed critical reception. It has a Metacritic score of 77 based on 38 reviews and an OpenCritic score of 79 based on 32 reviews.

Many reviewers lauded Ubisoft for taking certain risks with Far Cry Primal. The drastic change in settings meant gamers were going to miss the usual shooter based gameplay, but Primal still retained the features characteristic of a Far Cry game.

However, these familiar features worked against Far Cry Primal. Some reviewers found the overall story lacking, and also felt some missions stuck out like a sore thumb. Some critics also felt that the risks Ubisoft took were very measured, to the point that Far Cry Primal does not really do anything new. Not all critics felt this way, as many actually lauded Ubisoft for taking these creative risks.

Far Cry Primal‘s strengths were also Far Cry‘s strengths, in creating a fully featured and engaging open world. The many different things you can do in the open world, including combat, crafting, hunting beasts, gathering resources, all the way to claiming camps, are all fun and brilliantly executed.

Finally, many reviewers enjoyed the setting itself, noting that Ubisoft built an extensively researched Stone Age for Far Cry Primal. You can actually read more about the worldbuilding Ubisoft made in an interview with creative director David Footman.

You can see a sample of reviews below.

IGN – 7.9/10

GameRant – 4/5

Destructoid – 7/10

The Jimquisition – 8.5/10

Eurogamer – Noscore

Gamespot – 8/10

VideoGamer – 7/10

God is a Geek – 8.5/10

Xbox Achievements – 85 %

PlayStation Lifestyle – 7.5/10

Daily Dot – 4.5/5

LazyGamer – 7.7/10

DigitalSpy – 4/5

Examiner – 4/5

Shacknews – 6/10

GamesRadar – 3/5