Wolf Link Amiibo Unlocks Super Mario Maker Content

It’s been a good few months for amiibo, which have become an integral part of Nintendo gaming experiences. The latest amiibo that everyone seems to be obsessed with is Wolf Link, which, as it turns out, happens to be a Mystery Mushroom character in Super Mario Maker. 

Since Wolf Link caused a stir previously, Nintendo Force scanned the figure in Super Mario Maker to see if anything would happen. They were surprised to see that the Wolf Link amiibo unlocks a Wolf Link sprite. The text accompanying the image is in Japanese, perhaps suggesting that the feature is not supposed to be available to North American players yet.

Wolf Link isn’t the only amiibo making waves this week. Mega Man Legacy Collection’s blue Mega Man figurine is available today with the release of the six-game bundle. A gold version of that figurine will be available with the Collector’s Edition of the Legacy Collection.

Super Mario Maker was released on September 10 as a Wii U exclusive and has received stellar reviews from critics. The game received the Family Game Of The Year Award at the D.I.C.E. 2016 Awards. Maker‘s latest update was released suddenly in January when a bug caused problems for Nintendo and had to be taken offline to fix. Nintendo has not officially confirmed why the game went offline, but there’s been some pretty crazy speculation as to the real reason, which many suspect had to do with a system exploit.

Are there any amiibo you would like to see as Mystery Mushroom characters? Let us know in the comments.