DOOM Details Found In Alpha Files Include Unrevealed Enemies

DOOM Release Date
A fan has dug around the DOOM alpha files to share new details from behind the scenes, including some unrevealed monsters.

  • Cinematics will have better quality effects than during gameplay. Using the mipmap generation method, post effects will be applied to the cinematics.
  • The¬†difficulty levels are named like they were on the first two games in the series.
  • There will be references to Quake, that permeate the gameplay, in speed, movement, jumping, and boost.
  • There will be player customization in terms of armor, weapons, and something called Kill Cards.

What follows are huge spoilers on the enemies and some story elements, so read on below only if you really want to.

  • The Spider Mastermind and Archvile are back. There is also a promise of classic bosses in the tags.
  • New enemies include a demon called the Prowler, and the Summoner. There are two zombies, one called Kent, and the other a scientist.
  • Two names come up unexplained in the code. Olivia is an NPC, and may be the woman revealed in earlier previews who unleashed the demons. Zion, on the other hand, may not be a game character, but code for the original name of this current game, or related to a prior cancelled game.
  • There is information about Marines fighting UAC personnel, which may hint at multiple factions.
  • There also seem to be Aqua Marines and Hell Marines. No word if these are enemies or allies. Of course, they may even be you, the player.

Finally, here are some names of multiplayer maps and levels:

Multiplayer maps

  • mp_info
  • mp_elementary
  • mp_bigbox
  • mp_cliffside
  • mp_concise
  • mp_dooms
  • mp_foundry
  • mp_heatwave
  • mp_zymmetric
  • mp_graphite
  • mp_basin
  • mp_underneath


  • The Foundry
  • Olympia
  • Surface
  • Argent Tower
  • BFG Division
  • Blood Keep
  • Crash
  • Electro Tower
  • Lazarus
  • The Titan Realm


DOOM will be released on May 13 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You can learn more about the release details or watch Conan O’Brien tackle it in his latest episode of Clueless Gamer.