Quantum Break Xbox One-PC Crossplay Details Revealed

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The news of Quantum Break‘s cross buy feature between Xbox One and Windows 10 is exciting, as it heralds an upcoming age where this option may be the norm for Microsoft titles. To give us more details on this feature, Microsoft Head of Xbox Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg explained on the Major Nelson podcast how they enabled Quantum Break connectivity on Xbox One and PC to make it more accessible to more gamers.

Microsoft already revealed that pre-orders on the digital Xbox One version of Quantum Break will get consumers a copy of the game on Windows 10 for free. Aaron reiterated that there would be no Steam version. As is the case with Fable LegendsQuantum Break will have cross save. So, if you are away from your Xbox One, such as if you are out at work, you can load up your Windows 10 copy to pick it up where you left off. When you go get back home to your Xbox One, you can keep playing from there as well.

Aaron and Nelson also talked up the Xbox App on Windows 10, and how it feels like an extension of Xbox Live. Practically all the features you have on Quantum Break for Xbox One will also be on Windows 10.

Microsoft’s and Remedy’s objective in bringing Quantum Break to Windows 10, and enabling this connectivity between the two versions, is to make it more accessible to more gamers. They have put gamers at the center of everything and are looking forward to hearing feedback.

Aaron also took some time to clear up some misconceptions. They are still committed to making games for Xbox One. They also did not reveal plans to make a Windows 10 port earlier because they were not sure if it was possible until recently. They were also fortunate that Remedy is capable enough that they can release the game on both platforms at the same time.

Quantum Break will be releasing on April 5, on both Xbox One and Windows 10. Microsoft has said that they may make the cross buy option standard for their future games. On their end, Remedy has shared a sneak peek at its production.