Next Clueless Gamer Sees Conan Take on DOOM

Following the announcement today of DOOM’s release date and confirmation of its final box art by Bethesda, you’ll have another chance to see the game in action on Conan tonight, with the game being the focus of the show’s Clueless Gamer section.

Conan will be navigating id Software’s shooter with help from the Super Bowl’s Von Miller, Josh Norman, and Marshawn Lynch. You can watch a preview video of what to expect below.

Bethesda released a campaign trailer for the game earlier today, which notably provides no actual information about the game’s campaign but still pulls no punches. Regardless, the publisher announced the reboot of the classic PC series will be coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on May 13th.

A collector’s edition was also announced and comes with a 12-inch (30.5 centimeters) statue of The Revenant based on the actual cast used for the game. There will also be a special steel case for the game and it can all be yours for $119 in the US, €130 in Europe, and £100 in the UK. The collector’s edition is available to pre-order now while pre-orders of either that version or the standard edition will unlock the Demon Multiplayer Pack. Customization options for armour and weapons, three skin variations for the demon armour set, and six Hack Modules are included.

Last month, id Software co-founder John Romero released his first new DOOM level in 21 years. Romero had not had any involvement with the series since his departure from the studio in 1996.

DOOM is the first game in the franchise in 12.