Mario Golf Super Rush Unveiled For Nintendo Switch 

Nintendo is no stranger to delivering their popular franchises into different sports games. We’ve seen Mario along with his iconic friends participate in soccer, tennis, baseball, and even the Olympics. They are usually easy to handle and addicting titles for players to enjoy. Furthermore, being that most of us are on their newer console platform, it was only a matter of time before we started seeing Nintendo bring out these iconic Mario sports games back into the marketplace. 

During today’s Nintendo Direct, we had the announcement of a brand new Mario golf game coming out later this year. Title as Mario Golf Super Rush, players will once again enjoy the golf sport with the iconic Mario characters and can even challenge some of their friends to go against each other in a friendly match. However, this particular installment really amps up the competition level as you’re no longer waiting for each character to participate before you’re able to finally take a turn.

Unlike real golf which takes a good bit of time for a player to set up and go through each hit, Mario Golf Super Rush really puts players into a race in completing the course before the other players. As a result, each character can participate right from the start. That means everyone is teeing off and racing down the field to reach their ball to once again attempt to hit it into the hole. This Speed Golf game mode will likely be a popular setup for players to go through that’s not looking to spend too much time within each match.

Of course, with that said, there are more traditional game modes attached as well. Likewise, we have a story mode as well which features a player’s Mii attempting to make their way into the big leagues as a professional golfer.

Currently, those of you who are interested in picking up the game can pre-order a copy right now. Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch exclusive is not set to launch into the marketplace until June 25, 2021. With all that said, you can check out the trailer Mario Golf Super Rush in the video embedded above.

Source: YouTube