Two Iconic PlayStation 4 Games Will Receive DualSense Support On PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 4 was a massive hit in the video game industry and as you likely already know there was a ton of great video game titles launched into the market for it. Both in terms of first-party exclusives to third-party video game titles, if you had a PlayStation 4, there’s likely a ton of video games in your catalog. Still, we’re gearing up for the launch of the next-generation console platform. Sony’s PlayStation 5 is nearly upon us and it’s not been easy to market this console for its unique features.

Sony has a household name and that may be enough for some fans to jump onto the next-generation console platform. However, the real reason Sony is hoping fans get the PlayStation 4 is the immersion capabilities it will come packed with. With 3D audio technology and an advanced controller, there was likely a drastically different roadmap Sony had plotted out for the PlayStation 5 reveal. This was a console likely intended to be showcased around for players to try.

That didn’t happen because of the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak. Instead, what we got was a series of streams and video uploads that highlighted the different video games, features, UI, among other notable aspects to prepare gamers for what’s to come. Getting the immersion down in video is likely not an easy task, but it seems that Sony is hyping up the DualSense which is the PlayStation 5 controller. Rather than going with the DualShock name and making the PlayStation 5 controller the DualShock 5, Sony opted to dub the controller the DualSense likely for the different immersive abilities it can offer players.

There are two big areas that Sony is hoping fans take notice of and that’s the advanced rumble haptic feedback and the resistance triggers. It wasn’t long ago that we were able to hear the DualSense replicate music from the haptic feedback. Now it looks like two PlayStation 4 iconic exclusives will be featured with DualSense upgrades when the PlayStation 5 launches. Those games are God of War and The Last of Us Part 2

We’re sure there may be some other iconic games also featured in PlayStation 5 with the DualSense haptic feedback features, but at the very least these two exclusive hits will be ready to go for both veteran fans that enjoyed the titles when they first released to newcomers experiencing the game for the first time. 

Source: Gamesradar