The DualSense Haptic Feedback Is Advanced Enough To Replicate Music

2020 was quite the anticipated year for the video game industry. This would be the year that both Microsoft and Sony opts to bring out their next-generation video game console platforms. Of course, we were not expecting a worldwide health pandemic outbreak to occur which has resulted in several quarantines and lockdowns in markets all around the world. While there are quite a few delays that happened due to this coronavirus health pandemic, it’s not going to stop either Microsoft and Sony from bringing out their video game console platforms.

This health pandemic outbreak still caused quite a few headaches for the company. In terms of marketing, both companies likely charted out quite a drastically different roadmap in how they planned to unveil and showcase their consoles. In particular, Sony’s PlayStation 5 was heavily focused on immersion which is a bit difficult to showcase in the various online streams and video uploads. Despite that, nothing is stopping these companies from giving their best showcases online as possible.

Sony for instance has implemented a few measures to make immersion a priority for the console platform. One of the means is through their new controller which is dubbed the DualSense. With resistance triggers and advanced haptic feedback vibration within the controller, there is going to be a few instances in games that will make the PlayStation 5 quite a big difference in gameplay compared to the likes of the PlayStation 4 or potentially the Xbox Series X.

At any rate, it’s pretty evident that the Sony company wanted to make the DualSense a rather unique video game controller. We’ve seen several videos online showcase the different features, but it looks like fans can find a means to replicate just how advanced the haptic feedback is for the DualSense. There are now videos coming out online showing software running the haptic feedback in which the controller can even replicate music. 

One of the musical pieces is the Doom level one iconic soundtrack. Everyone knows how the Doom beat goes in the first level but now we can hear how it sounds being replicated through a DualSense. Take a look at the video above along with the trailer for the DualSense down below.

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