Another Rumor Suggests Horizon Zero Dawn Is Coming To PC

There has been a battle for years to see which company platform will come out on top though recently we’ve seen some new support for the PC platform. Microsoft was the first to showcase their support by providing Xbox exclusives on PC and Sony wasn’t too far behind with PlayStation Now support for the platform as well. However, there wasn’t any news in regards to the line of PlayStation exclusives coming to the PC platform as a standalone release. 

There has since been rumors and speculation that perhaps Sony will start allowing their line of exclusive video game titles to release for the PC platform. For instance, Naughty Dog was seeking out staff with PC programming skillsets though the biggest rumors circulated around Horizon Zero Dawn. With reports claiming that Horizon Zero Dawn from developers Guerrilla Games would be coming to the PC platform and that sparked additional rumors that Horizon Zero Dawn wouldn’t be the only video game title releasing on the PC platform from Sony’s line of exclusive IPs. 

Now another leak may have further confirmed that Horizon Zero Dawn is coming. Reports online claim that Amazon’s storefront for France had a listing for the video game on PC. That listing has since been removed, but there is plenty of hype building upon the fact that Sony is finally supporting their line of video game titles for the PC. 

Only time will tell if these rumors prove to be true. Sony hasn’t confirmed or denied the rumors yet and most of the focus is still surrounding the upcoming PlayStation 5, which has yet to be fully unveiled. Perhaps alongside the PS5 unveiling, we’ll get some confirmation on if Sony will soon support their video game titles released on the PC platform.

Source: Gamesradar