New Job Listing For Naughty Dog Could Indicate The Last of Us Part II PC Port

Each console generation there is a battle between which console is the best option for gamers. There are usually quite a few factors that come up in these debates such as price, performance, features, and of course exclusives. However, as of late there seems to be a change-up with exclusives as Microsoft has allowed their Xbox exclusives to also release on PC with Sony rumored to follow the new trend. Now a new job listing for Naughty Dog could see their next biggest video game release, The Last of Us Part II, receive a PC port.

In the past week, there have been all kinds of reports and rumors going online about Sony and their exclusives catalog. When a report went out about Horizon Zero Dawn potentially receiving a PC port, there was plenty of speculation that maybe this wouldn’t be the only title to see a PC release. Now a new job listing has been discovered for Sony’s Naughty Dog development studio that seems to have a new desire to port their upcoming title release.

The job listing specifically states that the project in-mind for applicants is The Last of Us Part II and that they are searching for someone who knows PC programming experience, along with various computer APIs. This job listing does line up well with the other latest reports and rumors about Sony’s new views of the PC platform though nothing official has been confirmed by the company yet.

For now, we don’t know if Horizon Zero Dawn or The Last of Us Part II will be launching on the PC platform. It would also be interesting to hear if Sony opens up their previous console exclusives to the PC platform as well if these rumors turn out to be true.

Source: Naughty Dog