Sony Rumored To Release Additional Exclusives On The PC Platform

This generation of consoles has been pretty interesting to see unfold. We’ve seen the launch of VR and streaming services, while Microsoft made it to where their exclusives would no longer be tied to just the Xbox One but also on the PC platform as well. Now a new report has gone out stating that the once PlayStation 4 exclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn would see a launch on the PC platform

Sony has quite a few exclusive titles and unless you had the latest PlayStation console platform, you weren’t going to get a chance in playing their various titles. That may soon change as it seems that Sony is opening up its exclusive catalog of titles for the PC platform. At least we have heard plenty of reports stating that Horizon Zero Dawn is coming out which on its own right is quite a critically acclaimed hit. Now a recent tweet from Tom Philips, a news editor from Eurogamer, has unveiled to his followers that Horizon Zero Dawn is just the start.

If Tom is to be believed then we may see quite a few Sony exclusives make their way onto the PC platform and the next release could be Media Molecule’s Dreams according to the hint added into Tom’s tweets. While Microsoft has moved their exclusives to the PC and now Sony, perhaps we’ll see Nintendo take the jump as well by providing PC players a bit of their catalog of titles as well. 

What we’re interested in hearing next is if Sony will see the release of their exclusive on the PC when the next-generation platforms hit. We don’t know very much at all about the PlayStation 5 other than that Sony has been keeping some big features hidden away from the public. If these exclusives end up being released on the PC then it would be interesting to see just what console features will entice players to run with the console platform rather than investing towards the gaming PC scene. 

Source: Twitter