Sony Still Holding Back Big PS5 Features According To CEO

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It’s surprising to see that the current generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony are on their way out the door. Time really does fly by and with it, we’ve been gearing up for the release of the next-generation platforms from both companies. While little has been unveiled on each side, Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO, Jim Ryan, has taken the chance to alert fans that the bigger features from the PS5 have yet to be announced. 

While we don’t know just what all Sony has planned for the PlayStation 5, there have been a few reports of some unique changes. Two of the biggest is that the PlayStation 5 will be using an SSD which will significantly cut down the load times of the console along with the video games being played. Likewise, there is a new DualShock controller that is said to bring in haptic feedback and those two features alone really make the PlayStation 5 enticing to try.

However, that’s not the only feature the PlayStation 5 will be bringing to the market. Jim Ryan recently spoke to Business Insider and alerted to the reporter that while both features are enough to sway gamers from returning back to the older consoles, there are even more features that offer a big difference between it and the previous PlayStation 4 console. Those features, of course, were not unveiled yet.

Both Microsoft and Sony have plans to deliver their next-generation consoles into the market this holiday season so both have about a year now to really hype up either system and alert fans what differences the consoles may have between each other. Of course, with that said there may be a big deciding factor for gamers that are after the console which may have the better line of exclusive video games to play. For now, we’ll simply have to wait and see what these big differences are for the PlayStation 5.

Source: Gematsu