Phil Spencer Really Likes Sony’s Approach To SSDs With The PS5

It’s hard to believe that we are already moving into the next generation of video game consoles. However, it’s that time of year where the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are on their way out the door to make room for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. While we’re still waiting for more information to come out for both platforms, Xbox head Phil Spencer did make a comment regarding the PlayStation 5

2020 is the year that we are supposedly receiving both the PS5 and XSX but since we are just now entering the year, we are left with plenty of questions and now a whole lot of answers for either system. Both Microsoft and Sony will be unveiling more of the latest platforms for the general public later this year, but one thing that each system is sporting will be SSDs. In fact, Phil Spencer went on to comment on the SSD component that their competitors are also using.

While Phil Spencer will be competing against Sony with their PS5, he’s thrilled to see that they have moved to SSDs as well. These are essentially hard drives that will be able to perform faster making load times shorter and booting the system a whole lot quicker. Likewise, these SSDs have been used quite heavily for most PCs over the past few years which have proved to be quite the improvement. 

Unfortunately, that’s where Phil Spencer’s comments end as he’s likely still in the dark to what the PlayStation 5 will bring to the table. We’re certainly eager to see what both console platforms offer for consumers and just which will take the lead out of the gate. In the meantime, we do have our initial trailer for the XSX which gives off a look at the console design. You can take a look at that teaser video right down below.

Source: Gamerant, PC Hardware