Outriders Announced For Next-Generation Consoles In New Trailer

Outriders is a brand new video game from the development studio, People Can Fly. It was first unveiled during E3 2019 and since that reveal, not a ton of information was given out. A brief teaser trailer was all we could dissect, but now a new trailer was released that not only gives us a little more information about the game, but also an alert that it’s been pushed back to the holiday season of this year. 

Within Outriders, we are being tossed into a timeline where Earth is dying and as a result, those that left the planet are on a search for a new home. That’s where players land on a planet called Enoch a seemingly decent planet for humanity, though it’s clear soon after that there are other hostiles that live within the planet. Likewise, a supernatural force has been turning those that inhabitant this planet into mutants with powers. These mutations are taking characters further from humanity though we’re unsure of what the end game would be for players to progress through the narrative quite yet.

This could be a looter shooter as well from the look of things and there have been some big successful franchises such as Borderlands along with the big misses like Anthem. For instance, the latter of the two has been entering back into development for a reboot in likely an attempt to sway players back into the video game. 

At any rate, another new bit of information came out for this title as well. It turns out that this title will be missing its Summer 2020 release window and instead will find a launch in the holiday season of this year. While we knew this game would see a launch for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms, it does look like we will also see the title release on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

Source: YouTube