Cliff Bleszinski Unveils Scrapped Aliens Game From Boss Key Studios

Alien fans may be in a bit of a disappointment today after hearing that a game almost hit development from the now-defunct Boss Key Studios. The owner and famed developer, Cliff Bleszinski, alerted to his followers on Twitter about the game and what it would have been based on. Unfortunately, likely due to NDA, not too many details were given out about the project but we do know the reason behind its cancellation.

If you’re a fan of the franchise then chances are you remember Rebecca Jorden, or better known as Newt. This was a female child who would have been a grown woman in the video game. Apparently, the title would have scrapped some of the franchise canon and featured Newt who back on Earth where the xenomorphs were being tested and weaponize in a facility. 

It’s only after the alien creatures break out that Newt must live through a nightmare all over again. Even Ellen Ripley would have been featured in the game though she would have been more of a guidance figure for Newt. This game wasn’t dropped due to Boss Key Studios closing its doors as it seems the cancellation was because Disney gained the rights to the IP.

Once Aliens was in the hands of Disney, the game was apparently lost in the shuffle thus the project was scrapped. It likely wasn’t long after that Boss Key Studios had to close their doors either but it’s an interesting concept nonetheless. 

Source: Twitter