Cliff Bleszinksi Discussing Boss Key Productions Failure In Upcoming Book

When it comes to development teams, there are a number of key individuals that are well-known such as Hideo Kojima, Tim Schafer or John Romero. Another one of those key individuals that have brought out iconic titles such as the Gears of War franchise is Cliff Bleszinski. Formerly part of the Epic Games development team, Cliff Bleszinski has since left and crated up his own studio known as Boss Key Productions.

The studio was founded in 2014 and just four years later Boss Key Productions closed its doors. Only two titles came out from the team which was LawBreakers and Radical Heights, however, both titles failed to meet the success developers had originally hoped for. Since the doors came to a close for the studio, there haven’t been any real interviews between the CEO, Cliff Bleszinski, and publications.

Now after a tweet was sent out by Bleszinski it was unveiled that the famed developer is soon releasing a book that will go over key parts of his life. We also have received a small glimpse into the chapter in which Bleszinski discusses the rise and fall of his development studio.

According to the small passage released, the studio failure was a massive heartache as he reflects his time leaving Epic Games and pursuing his passion with a team of people he cares deeply about.

This will be an interesting read and one that I personally can’t wait to pick up a copy upon its release. Unfortunately, there’s no indication as to just when that might be as a fan had messaged the developer seeking information on when the book will be available. So far Cliff Bleszinski will release the book “when it’s done” so, for now, we’ll have to keep an eye out for any new updates.

[Source: Gamespot]