Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – 6 Advanced Tips To Master Your Super Saiyan Style

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a complicated game — there’s so much going on here, we couldn’t possibly fit everything you need to know on a single beginner’s guide. That’s why we’re expanding and delivering even more tips and tricks to make your life easier in the later stages of the game. It gets way, way harder, so if you’re struggling or just want to learn about some of the best strategies in the game, then keep scrolling down.

There are insta-win techniques, surprise attacks, and special guard-breaking moves you’ll want to learn to take on the toughest of the tough bad guys. Things don’t get challenging until you take on Vegeta in an early arc, but by the time you’re fighting Buu and his minions, you’ll need every advanced combat strategy possible to eek out a victory.

For fans not used to the combat system, this is one of the harder games in the series — and there’s no easy way to out-level your opponents, so you’ll just need to up your skills.

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#1: Keep The Pressure On With Guard-Burst

Dodging is useful in the early stages of the game, but if you want to unleash a never-ending combo on your opponents, use Burst attacks to break through.

Don’t dodge an enemy’s attacks at close-range. Instead, use a Guard-Burst. When an enemy turns red and starts charging, anticipate when they’re about to attack. Instead of dodging, Guard-Burst and their attack will completely whiff. Then you can just keep attacking — don’t block or dodge! Just Guard-Burst constantly to put the pressure on.

#2: Three Tips For Boosting

Tapping [R3] while flying will launch you into a hyper-fast boost. There are some cool tricks you can pull off with this move.

  • Boosting into enemies can instantly defeat them. If you’re 5 levels above an enemy, just slam into them for an auto-win.
  • You can boost to escape random enemy encounters. Just zip away if they’re coming for you.
  • Boost directly into an opponent to knock them back and stun them.

There are more cool tricks you can use while flying — press [Y / Triangle] to launch from the ground and fly forward. If you’re flying normally and not boosting, press [Y / Triangle] to perform a barrel roll. That’s how you can collect those rings of orbs.

#3: OP Skills You’ll Want To Use

Krillin and Vegeta are some of your longest-lasting friends in the series, and they have a few totally over-powered attacks. Krillin’s Solar Flare is crazy powerful, so unlock it as early as you can and use it often. Similarly, Vegeta’s Big Bang is great for weakening / wiping out groups of enemies.

#4: Sell ‘Fancy’ Items For Tons Of Zeni

All those items you’ve been earning / collecting with ‘Fancy’ in the title? Those aren’t gifts, they’re Exchange Items. That means, they’re only useful for selling at a vendor. You’ll be able to collect a ton of cash if you haven’t been selling this valuables.

They all have Gift icons, so it seems like they’re supposed to be for your friends, but just check the item descriptions. It took me an absurd amount of time to realize what they’re for.

#5: You Can Perform Surprise Attacks On Enemies

Here’s something very few people know — you can actually perform a powerful surprise attack on enemies before they know you’re there. When you enter Ki Vision mode, you can see their vision-cone in the distance. If you boost into their backs and hit them before they don’t see you, you’ll perform a special surprise attack. I had no idea!

#6: Instantly Restore Your Ki With A Combo Finisher

There are multiple ways you can end your combos — and each button leads to a different sort of combo finisher attack. One of the best is the ‘Charge Ki’ button finisher. Instead of sitting back and taking time to recharge, you’ll instantly refill your Ki Meter in one stylish burst. Very, very useful.

That’s all the unknown tips and tricks we’ve found so far. If we discover for glaring omissions, we’ll add them to this list!