Latest Praey for the Gods Update Features BOTW-Style Paraglider

If you own a Nintendo Switch, the chances that you’ve spent an inestimable number of hours playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are pretty high. The open-world action adventure released to widespread critical acclaim, dunked us headfirst into a stunning fantasy world unrestricted by linear progression. But let’s be real here—we all just wanted to get our hands on that sweet paraglider. Fortune smiles upon us once again, because indie team No Matter Studios seems to be implementing a similar feature in its forthcoming arctic action adventure, Praey for the Gods.

Unveiled in a recent dev log, the glider “makes the game world come alive” and presents a fast, yet dangerous mode of travel for the game’s hitherto unnamed protagonist. Fierce gusts of wind can drain precious stamina, and send you spiralling into danger; to make an exit, you’ll need to overcome the forces of inertia with a grapple hook (insert hookshot reference here). Praey for the Gods might have started out its journey with comparisons to Shadow of the Colossus, but it looks like it’s borrowing just as much from another classic franchise: Zelda. There are several more additions detailed, like new tools, enemies and items, as well as a polished movement cycle.

Praey for the Gods underwent a name change due to a trademark opposition from Bethesda and ZeniMax over mimic-infested shooter Prey. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how the unique blend of Zelda meets Shadow of the Colossus pans out come release time.