Titanfall 2: Check Out Every Weapon, Titan, Gadget & Kit Option [Gallery]


Take a gander at the many Pilots, Titans, weapons and gadgets you’ll unlock through the Titanfall 2 multiplayer progression system with this massive gallery. There’s more than just guns here — we’ve also got grenade types, kit options, Pilot character models, and unlockable Titans for you to pilot. Then there’s the kit gadgets, special Executions you can assign to your pilot — and don’t forget the massive Titan weaponry.


Kit Customization Options | All Guns, Models, & Titans Gallery

The gallery is only for showing off the weapon / ability capabilities — find descriptions for each item in the selection / customization menu, including weapon stats and Titan powers. Each Titan has its own loadout, although all Titans can equip certain massive weapons.

Speaking of weapons, each Pilot can equip a Primary and Secondary weapon, and some of those secondaries are specifically designed to counter Titans in combat. Usually by disabled / stunning them — the primary anti-vehicle weapons like Rocket Launchers are more suited for destruction.


There’s more customization to find in Titanfall 2 — Titans can unlock nose art and camo skins. Soldiers get their own camo skins, and primary / secondary weapons can all earn unique camo to apply. All you have to do is gain levels, spend in-game currency, and apply using the paintbrush icon to the right of the weapon / model.

Let’s break it down by content:

  • Titans / Pilots
    • 6 Titans
    • 7 Pilots
      • 6 Types of Ordnance
  • Primary Weapons
    • 4 Assault Rifles
    • 4 Submachine Guns
    • 3 Light Machine Guns
    • 3 Sniper Rifles
    • 2 Shotguns
    • 4 Grenadier
    • 6 Primary Weapon Mods
  • Secondary Weapons
    • 4 Pistols
    • 4 Anti-Titan
  • Pilot Abilities
    • 4 Kit 1 Abilities
    • 4 Kit 2 Abilities
    • 4 Executions

That’s everything you’ll find in the gallery above. It looks like Titanfall 2 is brimming with content, including plenty of Titan variants to change-up your load-out, giving you far more options than the relatively anemic Titanfall 1 armory.

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[Images Source: Arrekkz Gaming on Youtube]