Titanfall 2: How to Play All 6 New Titans | Class Guide


Titans have changed in Titanfall 2, and knowing your role is an important step in your eventual multiplayer domination. Not all Titans function the same; each Titan features a special signature weapon and four unique abilities. This means the Titans are more limited than the Pilots. Each Titan fulfills a specific role on the battlefield, and understanding how a Titan functions is the first step to truly mastering Titanfall 2.

Here, we’ll breakdown each of the six new Titans — we’ll explain what makes each unique, and which playstyle they’re most suited to.

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Titans Class Guide

There are 6 Titan “Classes” available to select in Titanfall 2. Each is equipped with four unique abilities, and one special primary weapon.

Each Titan can also equip one of four Titan-specific kits that will add benefits to one of your four abilities.

ION – Balanced Class

  • Splitter Rifle (Primary Weapon): A rapid single-shot rifle that can takedown Titans and Pilots alike. A basic soldier primary weapon, with the ability to shoot powerful 3-shot bursts. 
  • Ion Abilities:
    • Vortex Shield: Defensive – A favorite from the original Titanfall, this forward-facing energy shield blocks incoming fire and can launch it back at your opponents.
    • Laser Shot: Ordnance – A shoulder-mounted laser blast. Very precise, so can be difficult to aim, but powerful.
    • Tripwire: Tactical – Fires a series of laser-triggered explosive mines. Forms a straight line of three — perfect for tactical retreats.
    • Laser Core: Core – A devastating, sustained beam of energy. Very large, and lasts several seconds, giving you time to cut down opponents.

An all-arounder, medium Titan that uses conventional weapons and abilities. The alternate fire-mode drains your energy fast, but both modes function similar to a basic Assault Rifle. If you need to takeout Pilots mid-air or want to deal extra damage, use the fast-firing Laser Shot for precision. Basically, this is your simple Soldier class, great for doing damage and playing conventionally.

SCORCH – Pyro Class

  • T-203 Thermite Launcher (Primary Weapon): Launches thermite projectiles that causes sustained damage to anything within its burning area-of-effect. Slower to fire — similar to a grenade launcher.
  • Scorch Abilities:
    • Thermal Shield: Defensive – Completely nullifies incoming projectiles, and will deal burn damage to nearby opponents.
    • Fire Wall: Ordnance – Sends a sustained flame directly forward, forming a straight line of fire that remains for several seconds. Bursts up from the ground.
    • Incendiary Trap: Tactical – Launches a thermal canister that must be manually detonated with gunfire. Both enemies and allies can set these off.
    • Flame Core: Core – Ground-pount ability that shoots a wall of horizontal flame forward. Powerful but slow, and the fire rises up from the ground like Fire Wall.

A lighter tank than Legion, Scorch is all about sustained damage and defense. Its attacks aren’t as instantly powerful as other Titans, but its damage-over-time benefits can help it outlast any opponent. The incendiary trap can deny area to the enemy, and the Thermal Shield can fend off close-range Titans by both shielding and damaging opponents.

NORTHSTAR – Sniper Class

  • Plasma Railgun (Primary Weapon): Sniper Rifle that only charges when zoomed-in. Requires plenty of range to properly charge — luckily Northstar is a nimble sniper. Can be fired from the hip.
  • Northstar Abilities:
    • Tether Trap: Defensive – Won’t harm titans — instead, it traps anything that steps between the two tethers, locking them down and making them vulnerable to snipers or allies.
    • Cluster Missile: Ordnance – Fires a stream of quick cluster missiles. Great for dealing extra damage to Titans or using the area-of-effect to wipe out fast-moving Pilots.
    • VTOL Hover: Tactical – Allows this Titan to hover in the sky for several seconds. Useful for getting that perfect sniping position.
    • Flight Core: Core – A combination of the VTOL Hover and Cluster Missile abilities — hover while launching a sustained series of missiles. Leaves Northstar very exposed, but also very powerful.

The first of the lightweight Titans is all about long-range combat. Very mobile, with two flight abilities, the Northstar comes equipped with a Sniper Rifle that can charge while zoomed-in. Northstar has no shield, and no way to limit damage. The Tether Trap is the only way to stop opponents rushing them down, so you’ll have to learn to avoid combat to succeed — and to find your chance to strike with its powerful, high-DPS abilities.

RONIN – Close-Range DPS Class

  • Leadwall Shotgun (Primary Weapon): Extremely powerful close-range shotgun with low magazine capacity. The shrapnel will bounce off walls, making it even more powerful in enclosed environments.
  • Ronin Abilities:
    • Sword Block: Defensive – Reduces damage, but doesn’t block damage. Unlike other defensive shields, this can be held indefinitely.
    • Arc Wave: Ordnance –  Shoots energy straight forward in a line, similar to the Fire Wall, damaging any enemies caught in the slash. Even better, it slows anything effected.
    • Phase Dash: Tactical – Dodge ability, sending Ronin forward and becoming temporarily imperceptible. Cannot be damaged while Phase Dashing — another powerful way to close the gap or retreat.
    • Sword Core: Core – Grants empowered Sword abilities, increasing melee/sword damage and unlocking new sword attacks.

Ronin is very mobile, but comes with less health than any other Titan. His damage output makes up for it, using deadly Sword melee attacks and a killer Shotgun to shred enemy Titans in close-range. He’s all about get-in and get-out tactics, sing the Arc Wave to slow opponents, and the Phase Dash / Sword Block to get in close for the kill.

TONE – Balanced Class

  • Tracker 40mm (Primary Weapon): Explosive semi-auto cannon that can acquire partial lock-on.
  • Tone Abilities:
    • Particle Wall: Defensive – Drops an energy shield emplacement. Remains where it is dropped, and allows Tone (or other allies) to shoot through it.
    • Tracker Rockets: Ordnance – Powerful burst of rockets that won’t fire until a full lock-on is acquired.
    • Sonar Lock: Tactical – Map ability that shows all nearby enemies for your team, and instantly acquires partial lock-on against enemies while active.
    • Salvo Core: Core – Fires off a sustained barrage of rockets that can be guided mid-launch, and will prioritize locked-on targets. The rockets fly slow, and will turn on a dime to switch targets.

A good starter class, Tone is an all-arounder with beginner-friendly abilities that don’t require good aiming to be effective. To lock-on, you’ll need to land successful hits with the Tracker cannon — 3 hits and you’ll get a full lock-on. This is required to use the Tracker Rockets. Or, you can use Sonar Lock to gain an extra portion of lock-on.

LEGION – Tank Class

  • Predator Cannon (Primary Weapon): Auto-firing minigun with a slow start-up time. Devastating with sustained fire.
  • Legion Abilities:
    • Gun Shield: Defensive – Deploys a minigun-mounted shield, allowing you to fire and move simultaneously while being protected. The shield isn’t as large as other shields.
    • Power Shot: Ordnance –  Fires a charged short-range burst shot that knocks back opponents. Very good for dealing with Titans directly in Legion’s face.
    • Mode Switch: Tactical – Switches between short-range or long-range Power Shot functionality. Short range knocks back enemies, long range launches a beam that damages all enemies in its path.
    • Smart Core: Core – Auto-targets anything that enters the square HUD radius. Extremely good for dealing with fast-moving Pilots.

Legion is the HEAVY — slow, powerful, and tough. He can’t move quickly, so use the Shield to lower incoming damage, or the Power Shot to fend off annoying Ronin Titan players. Basically, Legion is the tank. Most effective when with a team and pushing toward the objective.

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