Small Radios, Big Televisions Launches Nov 8 for PS4 and PC


“Peer into a world of ominously still factories, magnetic disorders, and run down machinery.” Adult Swim Games and FIRE FACE, Small Radios, Big Televisions launches November 8th on PS4 and PC.

Strewn across the floors of empty monoliths are a series of lost data cassettes containing visions of a time long gone. Your mysterious tape deck instantly transports you into these boundless virtual worlds every time you put a new tape in.

This is exactly what makes Small Radios, Big Televisions such a fascinating type of game. It proves that “reality is just as interchangeable as the media we consume.”

You can solve mechanical puzzles in order to collect all of the cassette tapes and discover the secrets of the abandoned factories. Explore and manipulate the audio-visual data to reconstruct the past, discovering some cool and retro tunes along the way.

Discover the answers that stem from the question, “What if they key to exploring virtual worlds wasn’t modern-day headsets, but age-old analog devices?”

You can listen to the “Tundra” track right now on Bandcamp, it’s super awesome and really sets the tone of the game.