Stardew Valley: 1.1 – Here’s How To Get Divorced (And Get Rid of Kids)


When I think about Stardew Valley, I imagine happy music, calming pixel landscapes, and a town full of perky residents where nothing really ever goes wrong. Well, that idyllic image has been shattered with the inclusion of the divorce option in the beta for Stardew Valley’s 1.1 update. Now you can split with your SO, but don’t expect to get off scot-free, just like in real life, there’s a price to pay. Learn all about this soul-crushingly depressing process below.

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Divorce – Everything You Need to Know

So, you’re tired of your chosen partner and want to find someone new, or you’re tired of dealing with children, or you just want the carefree life of a bachelor. Whatever the reason, the 1.1 Update (Beta) allows you to get a divorce after marriage.

Here’s what divorce can do for you:

  • Removes your spouse from the Farmhouse.
    • Your (former) spouse moves back to their original home.
    • Friendship level resets to 0.
    • All interactions will be negative.
    • The (ex) status will appear under your spouse’s name.
    • You can erase your (former) spouse’s memory later. Learn more in the Witch’s Hut section below.
  • All children will stay in the Farmhouse with the player.
    • Children can be removed later. Learn more in the Witch’s Hut section below.

That’s the basic overview. Now, here are the specific steps you’ll need to take to finalize a divorce.

How to Get Divorced:

Note: You need to be married to get a divorce. Obvious, yeah, but just saying.

  • Go to the Mayor’s Manor and interact with a Book inside — here you can select if you want to get a Divorce.
    • Divorce costs 50,000g.
    • Before the end of the day, the divorce filing can be canceled.
  • If you do not cancel, your former spouse will return to their original home, friendship will reset to 0, and all future interactions will be negative.
  • Children will remain in your Farmhouse.

Like all things, getting a divorce isn’t exactly final. You can still erase your spouse’s memory to rekindle a relationship, or even transmogrify your children into doves to get rid of them. It sounds pretty ghoulish — that’s because it totally is, you’ll need to visit the Witch’s Hut and use black magic to unlock these options.

The Witch’s Hut – How to Erase Memories and Remove Children:

This is where things get really dark. You can do some pretty unethical things with black magic in Stardew Valley, and if you’re feeling up to it, these options are available once you’ve unlocked the Witch’s Hut.

  • To access the Witch’s Hut, you must first complete the Community Center or Joja Warehouse questlines.
    • Return to the Railroad area and the Wizard will request the player retrieve a Dark Talisman. Talk to Krobus (in the sewers) and unlock the Mutant Bug Lair. The talisman is found in a chest in this area.
    • Return to the Railroad and place the talisman on the object in the upper-right corner of the map to unblock the cave entrance. The cave leads to the Witch’s Swamp.
    • Give the goblin in the swamp Void Mayonnaise (place a Void Egg in the Mayonnaise machine) to clear the path to the hut.

Once you’ve reached the hut, you’ll find three creepy shrines and a teleportation rune. Two of these shrines allow you to alter your former spouse’s memory or get rid of any extra children.

  • Dark Shrine of Memory:
    • Effect: Erases your former spouse’s memories. You will be able to date / marry them again as if they had never met the player.
    • Cost: 30,000g
  • Dark Shrine of Selfishness:
    • Effect: Gets rid of your children forever.
    • Cost: Prismatic Shard

Prismatic Shards aren’t easy to come by, so removing your children comes at a steep cost — and not just morally.

So, are you planning on getting divorced? Let us know in the comments!