Black Ops 3: Gorod Krovi – Fans Finally Solved Monkey Bomb Easter Egg


The final Zombies map for Black Ops 3: Zombies has already been solved, but there are still Easter eggs lingering that have yet to be discovered. One of these Easter eggs — involving a candle, a flower, and a canteen — has finally been unwrapped by a voracious community, and now we know how to upgrade the Monkey Bomb in Gorod Krovi.

That’s right, this discovery is for the penultimate map in the Black Ops 3: Zombies series. The Russian alt-universe battlefield is a grisly place, and you can make things just a tad bit easier with the upgraded Monkey Bomb. Like in all previous instances, the Monkey Bomb is a randomly-generated wonder weapon found in the Mystery Box. If you’re lucky, you’ll get this tiny treasure — it lures zombies away from the player and explodes to wipe them out. Pretty handy, and it gets handier.

Find everything related to Gorod Krovi on our Zombies map compendium, covering every hidden aspect, including how to complete the massive Easter egg.

How to Get the Upgraded Monkey Bomb

It seems unbelievable, but it took months to uncover this Easter egg. Just goes to show how dense these maps are that nobody stumbled into the secret until just recently. Here are the steps you’ll need to take to get an upgraded Monkey Bomb.

  1. Get the Monkey Bomb from a Mystery Box
    • Monkey Bombs are a rare Mystery Box reward, and only appear at random. This could take awhile.
    • If you’re unfamiliar with the Mystery Box, just look in the sky for a bright pillar of light — that beacon shows where the box is located on the map.
  2. Build the Dragon Shield
    • The Dragon Shield parts randomly spawn in different locations, and all the parts can be crafted at the workbench in the Command Bunker.
    • Find out more here:
  3. Light the Candle РIt will randomly spawn in one of four locations on the map.
    • Candle Spawn #1: Supply Depot – Lower flow corner with the arches and desks between the pillars.
    • Candle Spawn #2: Supply Depot – In the small office through the street entrance. Look on the metal desk.
    • Candle Spawn #3: Above the Bunker, in the house with the beds with the stairs that lead up into the Infirmary. Look on the bunk beds near the stairs.
    • Candle Spawn #4: On the second floor of the Department store, on the bookshelves near the open balcony doors.
  4. Use the Dragon Shield’s melee green-fire blast to light the candle.
    • After the candle has been lit, you can collect it.
  5. Find the Flowers – Pick them up like you would any other item.
    • The flowers are found in the left office on the second floor of Dragon Command.
  6. Get the Blue Canteen
    • The Blue Canteen will spawn after you get 40-50 kills with the Monkey Bombs.
    • Pick it up after it spawns.
  7. Return to your Challenge gravestone in the Spawn Room to get the Upgrade.
    • To make the Upgrade appear, throw a Monkey Bomb down directly in front of your player’s gravestone.
    • Look up and interact with the green flame above the grave — a special prompt will appear.
    • The upgraded Monkey Bomb will appear in the dirt below.

So, what makes the Upgraded Monkey Bombs different? You’ll hear dubstep tunes instead of their regular jingle. It does constant damage, too — so you’ll kill more zombies per monkey.

And that’s how you solve this perplexing Easter egg! It’s taken a long, long time to figure it out. Think it was worth it? Let us know in the comments!

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