Best Puzzle Games to Warp Your Brain

#16 From Dust

From Dust is a game where you truly are a god, having the ability to control the environment all for the good of your tribe. This game is quite pleasing to look at and the gameplay will keep you hooked for hours. You play as a force called 'the breath' and you must go around the land serving your people as they build a community around a totem. The main antagonists are natural disasters which will hinder guiding your people to the totem and make it more difficult to keep them safe.

You must use soil, water, lava and a few other abilities along the way in order to fully save and guide your tribe. Elements in the game work as they would in real life, water will flow and lava will settle and harden. When disasters happen, you're quickly left with a puzzle and must determine the more probable solution. Mixing elements are generally a part of the solution. Lava mixed with water will harden along with creating steam. From Dust will occasionally require a few special abilities, certain totems will grants temporary abilities that will in turn be crucial to solve the puzzle. From Dust is another downloadable title that is worthy of a purchase on the XBLA or PSN.