Best Puzzle Games to Warp Your Brain

#15 Beyond Good & Evil HD

Beyond Good & Evil was first launched back in 2003 but was later re-released in 2011 as an HD remake. I'll fill you in on the plot without giving away too much: The game starts out with protagonist Jade, a care-taker who looks after orphans. However, Jade realizes that to take better care of the children she's going to need another job. Eventually she takens on a job as an investigator and is required to take pictures of dealing with a currently world-wide mystery. Random disappearances have been occurring around the globe with no leads on how or why.

Beyond Good & Evil will have some twist and turns along with several puzzle mechanics to solve. Jade will have to jump, climb, push and destroy obstacles she approaches. If you have yet to play BG&E and you're a fan of platforming puzzles, you may want to think about purchasing the HD remake on XBLA or PSN. This game was fun back on the Gamecube, and still a treat to play on the current generation of consoles.