Best Puzzle Games to Warp Your Brain

#10 The Adventures of Shuggy

The game starts out as our hero Shuggy heads to a mansion he recently inherited from the death of his grandfather. Shuggy is not the brightest character around and so he fails to read the fine print of the will which states that the mansion is overrun by ghosts and goblins. In order to claim the mansion and get rid of the unwanted occupants, Shuggy must solve several puzzles throughout the entire mansion and fix some of the broken equipment along the way.

The Adventures of Shuggy is filled with puzzles in a platforming style. Not all of the puzzles are as easy as jumping though, some may even make you cry. There are puzzles that will increase Shuggy's speed, rotate rooms, and some will even turn back time. These puzzles can get a bit tricky but worry not they're short and really don't require a check point. The game does include multiplayer, allowing you to go head-to-head as you try to complete the puzzle the fastest or play by working cooperatively instead. This is a game you will play in small bursts even though the puzzles are short. Even so you'll always be coming back for more.