Best Puzzle Games to Warp Your Brain

#12 Ms Splosion Man

Ms. Splosion Man takes place right after Splosion Man. When the scientists finally capture Splosion man, they do what any good scientist would do under these circumstances, pop open some champagne and celebrate like there is no tomorrow. While celebrating and becoming a tad, well, wasted, a little bow falls onto one of their contraptions and thus Ms. Splosion Man is born! Looking and acting very similar to her male counterpart; other then a shade of purple, some lipstick, and a yellow bow. Ms. Splosion Man sets out to wreak some havoc herself and to save Splosion Man from their control.

If you have played the first game of the series then you'll feel right at home. Just like the original Splosion man, your main ability is to explode. Levels are filled with obstacles to overcome and yes, you will die quite a lot. While it may seem that dying will set you back, Ms. Splosion Man does the exact opposite, with a check point always close by. Traps also can be used to your advantage, when you figure out how to set the traps in motion you can smash, burn, or even incinerate your foe. Also with each death you learn a bit of what's to come so you're never left in the dark or stranded in one spot for too long.