Best Puzzle Games to Warp Your Brain

#9 Limbo

First off: Yes, this game did come out on XBLA back in 2010. However, Limbo was released again in 2011 for PSN, PC and the XBLA. Therefore the game still counts as an addition to this list.

Limbo is one of those games where you can sit back in just pure awe, the art style alone is compeletly capitulating. For lack of better words, Limbo is beautiful yet horrifying. Having no real sense of what's going on, the game leaves you stranded in a down-right creepy surrounding with not a single cut-scene or dialog box to be found. Playing as a small boy, you're left to quickly escape from the wretched place from where you've awaken.

This title can be rather gruesome at points and you can expect a ton of deaths. The puzzles will be trial-and-error for the most part and some puzzles use sound, which I think is a nice feature. For example: Some areas will have you listen for certain queue sounds. This game could have gone farther but did not stand a chance against the next title on our list.