Battlefield 1 Weapons | 2016

Battlefield 1 Weapons 

Sniper Rifles

Rifles were the primary fighting weapon in WW1. Single-shot and slow, these weapons still packed a punch. Bolt-action rifles are reserved for Scouts, whereas semi-automatic rifles with magazines can be used by Medics. All Bolt-Action rifles in Battlefield 1 appear to be Sniper Rifles.

M1903 Springfield

The standard American bolt-action service rifle will most likely be employed as a Sniper Rifle variant in Battlefield 1. The rifle is very to the Gewehr 98 and should serve the same purpose.


Screenshot 2016-05-06 16.53.44

The British soldiers seen in this trailer trench scene are using what appears to be Enfield rifles with bayonets attached, preparing to defend their trench from an enemy charge. The Enfield is a bolt-action rifle that served in a multitude of countries both during and after the war. It’s a standby rifle, and even appeared in the original Battlefield 1942 wielded by British infantry where the same basic model, with some improvements, continued service into WW2.

Gewerh 98

Screenshot 2016-05-09 22.25.06

The German’s bolt-action rifle appears very briefly in the reveal trailer, but it’s inclusion is a no-brainer. It was the standard German service rifle through WW1 and continued into WW2. It was used by Germany’s ally the Ottoman Empire extensively, so it should appear extensively across the many theaters of war featured in Battlefield 1. In the screenshot above, the Gewerh 98 can be seen with a mounted scope — part of the new customization system, or just a standard Scout loadout?

Russian 1895


A Russian-produced version of the Winchester Model 1895 saw service throughout WW1. Pictured above, it should be obvious that the bayonet is (hopefully) a standard customization option, but it’s role as a Sniper Rifle in Battlefield 1 might make close-combat a mistake. Instead of a Bolt-Action, this weapon uses a Lever-Action and comes with the standard 10-round chamber.

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Mauser 1918 T-Gewehr


This behemoth weapon appears in a brief scene as soldiers rush past the tank in a desert battlefield. The weapon’s distinct bi-pod appears at the end of it’s extensively long barrel. The massive rifle was used by the German army to counter tanks and other armored vehicles or emplacements. It is the very first anti-tank rifle produced for combat.

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