Battlefield 1 Weapons | 2016

Battlefield 1 Weapons 

Machine Guns

Mounted or portable, the machine gun defined the historical period. Many of the weapons available in Battlefield 1 are late-period tools with air-cooled mechanisms designed to help make the weapons more portable in combat. You’ll be able to fire plenty of bullets down the range. The Support Class can deploy with this class of weapon.

Hotchkiss Mle. 1909 Machine Gun

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The French “Medium” Machine Gun uses a loaded strip that “cooks-off” bullets instead of a magazine. A strip only contains 30 rounds, requiring far more reloads in comparison to other light machine guns of the same class. Due to the design, reloading should prove pretty quick — a reload was shown during the latest EA gameplay reveal at the pre-E3 Play Event. The distinctive weapon was put into service by the Americans in World War 1.

Madsen MG


The light top-loading MG contains 30 rounds, and is one of the earliest mass-produced machine guns. The weapon was sold to a wide variety of nations on both sides during World War 1, and was known for its reliability even in harsh conditions.

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MG 08


This modified Maxim Gun is the German Empire’s most common MG. In Battlefield 1, it appears as a mounted weapon on many German vehicles, including the biplane — and it can be used on-foot, where it is briefly seen in the reveal trailer carried by an enemy soldier.

Image Source: [1]

M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle


The Browning Automatic Rifle isn’t exactly a Machine Gun, and it isn’t exactly an Automatic Rifle. The heavy weapon is chambered with powerful .30-06 rounds in a 20-round box magazine. It fires slower than most Machine Guns, but packs a stronger punch. Originally, the weapon was designed for “Walking Fire” — allowing a soldier to easily charge while firing. The weapon continued service in the United States throughout WW2.

Image Source: [1]

Lewis Gun


Seen mounted on biplanes and carried in first-person, the Lewis Gun appears to be a standard weapon in your heavy arsenal. The weapon, classified as a light machine gun because it really could by carried into combat, utilized a top-mounted drum-pan magazine, allowing for quick reloads and designed to be used while laying prone or braced against the top of a trench. Seeing how often the weapon appears in aerial combat, we expect you’ll have plenty of opportunities to scavenge the Lewis Gun from burning wreckage.

MG15 n.A.

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This late-war weapon appears to be one of the primary German LMGs. Although relatively rare in it’s time, this advanced weapon featured an air-cooled barrel to lighten the heavy frame and a handle to make it easier to fire and carry on the battlefield. Older versions instead used a thicker water-jacket around the barrel for cooling purposes. The attached drum-magazine carries 100 rounds. Even as a lighter design compared to the Maxim, this is a heavy weapon and is likely to slow down any player wielding one.