Battlefield 1 Weapons | 2016

Battlefield 1 Weapons 



Nothing clears a trench better than the terrifying flamethrower. Not only can you wield a flamethrower, but you’ll also face off against heavily-armored enemies in the singleplayer campaign, if the reveal trailer is anything to go by. The man-portable flamethrower seen in the picture above is most likely a Flammenwerfer M.16. Used in the famous battle of Verdun, at the time it was the first flamethrower ever to be used in combat.

Rocket Gun

The Rocket Gun is a powerful heavy weapon that can only be fired while prone. It must be deployed on a tripod and then launched, able to punch through even the heaviest armor. While deployed, the player won’t be able to move, forcing soldiers to play it safe and fire from cover or while waiting to ambush. This isn’t a primary weapon — it’s a gadget reserved for the optional weapon slot, but it’s cool enough that we wanted to include it here.

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