Battlefield 1 Weapons | 2016

Battlefield 1 Weapons 


Revolvers and automatic pistols are a common sight in any trench. Pistols are reserved for the secondary weapon slot, and are (usually) only required for emergencies or when you’ve run out of ammo with a primary weapon. Pistols are not locked to any one particular class.

Webley Revolver

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A standard-issue sidearm for the British Empire, the Webley Revolver stayed in use through WW2 and beyond. This reliable weapon chambers a 6 shots standard. In video game terms, that means you won’t be able to spray bullets — careful aiming is key. The top-break revolver uses a large caliber shell, making it one of the most powerful revolvers of its design adopted for large-scale use in combat.

Mauser C96


The iconic Mauser C96 is a German-produced pistol with a box-shaped internal magazine and an impressive 10-rounds that provided a few extra bullets over the English Webley Revolver. Both the Allies and Central Powers utilized this weapon — the heroic protagonist seen in the image above didn’t necessarily have to steal this from a dead German. The pistol, nicknamed the “Broomhandle” for it’s detachable stock that could turn the long-barreled pistol into a short rifle, also features a top-loading stripper-clip design that should make for an impressive reload animation.

Colt M1911



Another iconic weapon, this American automatic pistol was first introduced just as the war began. It packs a punch, loaded with a 7-round magazine. This might be a sidearm, but the reliable make of the pistol kept it in service well into the 1990’s and beyond. Anyone familiar with WW2 shooters should recognize the M1911 as the standard American pistol, and that will very likely be it’s role in Battlefield 1.

P08 Luger

The German Luger pistol appears briefly in trailers, shown in an encounter between British tankers holed-up inside a Mark V as enemy soldiers break inside. The P08 is an unusually designed semi-automatic pistol and saw service with the Central Powers in World War 1.