Battlefield 1 Weapons | 2016

Battlefield 1 Weapons 

Semi-Auto Rifles

Medics can select one of four semi-auto carbines. These light rifles are faster-firing than their Bolt-Action brethren, and come included with a magazine for faster reloading and larger bullet capacity.

Remington Model 8

Another weapon designed and utilized by the United States in World War 1, the Remington Model 8 is an ‘autoloading rifle’ — and mostly seemed to see service as a hunting rifle. This is one of the earliest autoloading rifles — once primed, the rifle does not require a leaver action to chamber the next shell. Basically, these are similar to a modern carbine.

C96 Carbine


The Carbine is a modified C96 Pistol produced by the German Empire. It comes standard-issue for the Tanker or Pilot class, and features a 20-round magazine. The addition of a stock and a longer barrel gives this pistol variant longer range and enough stopping power to defend yourself when roaming outside your vehicle.

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This Italian automatic rifle was an extremely rare sight in World War 1. The real-life weapon featured multiple types of magazines, including a curved design that gives the Cei-Rigotti the faint silhouette of a modern Assault Rifle. It also featured a burst-fire selection along with the standard semi-automatic.

Source: [1]

M1907 SL


An American-made rifle with 20-rounds, used by French, British, Russian, and American forces throughout WW1. This simple rifle is a standard semi-automatic and doesn’t seem to feature any outstanding qualities or serve a unique function — a workhorse weapon that’ll keep you alive if your aim is good enough.

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The self-loading Mondragon was developed in Mexico and primarily used by the German Empire. In Battlefield 1, the weapon is loaded with a box magazine containing ten shells, although a 30-round drum magazine was also developed, opening up some cool customization possibilities.