Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Wireless Headset Review

Wireless headsets can be very hit-or-miss. With Bluetooth headsets, microphone and sound quality take a huge dip due to the inherent limitations of the technology, so they’re not very good for gaming unless you have a dedicated microphone hooked up to your PC separately. Gaming headsets that use their own receivers don’t have this issue, but usually come with their own set of problems.

We recently checked out Logitech’s G933 Artemis Spectrum, a $200 headset designed to deliver quality audio as well as a variety of other features powered by the Logitech software.

The G933 has a molded plastic design that looks quite unlike other headset on the market, and it’s comfy to wear even after long stretches of gaming—which is something of a necessity. It has earcups that can swivel and a padded headband that doesn’t get uncomfortable from extended use. It’s big, and it’ll fit over both your ears, even if you have a particularly large head. The problem with some of the low-end headsets is that they tend to sit on, rather than over the ears, and that can get uncomfortable fast. You’ll encounter no such issue with the G933.

Interestingly, the wireless USB adapter that comes with the G933 is stored inside one of the earcups, the other of which includes a removable battery. This ensures that you’ll never lose or misplace the USB adapter if you need to travel.

The headset isn’t purely wireless—it also comes with additional wires that allow you to hook it up with a variety of other devices in wired mode, including mobile phones, TVs and gaming consoles. Doing so will prohibit you from using the buttons on the side of the headset, though.

The software that you have to install to use the buttons on the side are quite possibly the worst thing about this otherwise great headset. If you visit the Logitech Gaming forums, you’ll find that it’s populated with complaints about the software, which appears to conflict with other USB devices. We experienced conflicts with our mice and keyboards, after installing the software on Windows 10. We encountered an issue where the audio would randomly go off, but the microphone would continue to work. We had to uninstall the software and perform a hard removal of the drivers through Windows’ REGEDIT to fix our issues with the device.

As an aside, the G933 hooks up directly to the PlayStation 4 wirelessly—all you have to do is plug in the dongle and it’ll work without the need for any additional configuration.

While we didn’t personally experience it, several threads on the forum highlight an issue where having the LGS app installed would prevent the headset from charging. Fortunately, without the software installed, the headset performed and recharged just fine.

Software issues aside, the headset performed quite well. We did not experience random disconnects or latency issues despite using it many feet away from the receiver. The G933 was also able to maintain a lengthy charge of up to 12 hours, just as listed on the box—even with RGB lighting enabled.

In terms of performance, the G933 sounds as good as it costs. It offers crisp, clear sound in all the games we played while wearing it and music doesn’t sound half bad, either.

Final Verdict

The Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum is a great wireless headset marred by software-related issues. It’s solidly built, offers superior sound and it’s comfortable to wear for long periods of time. We definitely recommend it!

A review unit was provided to us by Logitech.