Fallout 4 Guide: Easter Eggs in the Wild Wasteland

When you’re trapped in a bleak, post-apocalyptic world, any levity helps. Lucky for you, Fallout 4 contains a few great easter eggs that will definitely make you smile. We’ll be updating this list as more are discovered.

Jaws Reference

Check out the first ten seconds of the below guide to see what the scene looks like. It may take a while to find, but try to direct your search northwest of Diamond City, below Cambridge Police Station, and to the east of Oberlin Station.

Boston Freedom Trail

One of Boston’s most prominent landmarks is the Freedom Trail, a 2.5-mile path through the city that marks major historical sites. Since Fallout 4 takes place in Boston, it’s no surprise Bethesda would want to include this little easter egg. Head towards the Park Street Station and look for the tour bot next to a sign that says Freedom Trail. You can follow a red brick road that will lead you along the trail, just like its real life version. There are seals along the way that indicate important sites. If you find all of them and note the word they spell out (“railroad”), you can go to the Old North Church and find a final Freedom Trail seal puzzle. Put in the word “railroad” and you’ll enter a secret room full of people. Of course, you can skip the process of finding the seals and just go straight to the church but where’s the fun in that? Check out the guide to see how this subplot ends, but beware: there are spoilers.

Baby Steps

This one is an homage to a Fallout 3 easter egg, in which the player crawled around as a baby and heard a lullaby. In Fallout 4, f you spin the baby’s mobile in your house, it plays the same lullaby.

Call of Duty Cymbal Monkey

Any avid Call of Duty players will instantly recognize this cymbal-banging monkey as the monkey bomb from Zombies Mode.

We’ll keep updating this guide as more easter eggs are uncovered.

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