Fallout 4 Guide: How To Use Basic PC Console Commands

It wouldn’t be a Bethesda game without a big batch of bugs, which is why PC players thank their lucky stars that console commands are here to save the day. Console commands essentially give you the tools you need to manipulate the game’s logistics. They can be used to cheat, or just get your character out of a tough situation, like when they’re stuck in a wall an object. They may seem daunting but don’t be intimidated by them. There’s no better way to make the most of your game than by utilizing the information that Bethesda has freely given the players!

Many of the reference ID numbers needed to pull off some of the commands won’t be available for awhile, as they are typically released with the game modding materials. However, here are a few pointers.

You first have to “open” the console. This creates a black box pop up at the bottom of the screen where you can easily enter the necessary code. To open the console box, press the tilde button on the upper left hand corner of your keyboard, which consists of ~ and `. Type out the directed code, press enter, and exit the console by once again pressing `.

Most console code directions will tell you everything you need to put into the line of code to make it work. For instance, if you wanted to add an item to your character’s inventory, you would enter


You would first look up the reference id code for the item. Let’s use Skyrim as an example and say, Glass Arrows, which goes by the reference ID 000139BE. You would then specify in the quantity, in our case we’ll say 200. The line of code would then look like this:

player.additem 000139BE 200

press enter, exit the console with `, and voila, 200 Glass Arrows in your inventory. It’s really that simple. Another example is how character stats can be changed. You would enter

player.setav <carryweight> <value>

“Carryweight” would of course refer back to the character’s carrying weight limit, and the value would be the amount of pounds you wish to add to their capacity.

To get a feel for of the variety of codes you can use and how they are used, check out this list from the Skyrim Wiki, which will give you a strong idea of what commands will be used in Fallout 4. Until we have the reference ID codes for the quests, most of these will not be usable.

However here are some you can use right now.

Cheats and HUD Commands

Use command “TM” to remove the HUD to improve your view or to free your screenshots of clutter. Remember to not use the quotation marks when you enter commands. Letters are not case-sensitive.

If you enter “TCL”, you will turn off the collision mode, which allows you to walk through items and walls.

Clicking on an enemy while in console command mode will also allow you to enter options like “kill”. You can also select a lock or computer and use “unlock”.

“TIM” will enable God mode, and your character will be invincible.

Here’s a more advanced list of console commands.

As we get more information on Fallout 4, we will be adding to this guide and others. Stay tuned!