Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – How To Fully Upgrade All Your Weapons Fast | Raritanium Farming

To fully upgrade your arsenal of destruction in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, you’re going to need a special resource called raritanium. These blue crystals aren’t as common as you’d like, and the best way to earn them as you progress through the game is cracking open crates of the stuff, or smashing crystals in the environment. But, once those run dry, you’ll need to find alternative methods. Even if you search everywhere, you’ll only be able to fully upgrade a fraction of your huge 20 gun arsenal.

That’s why you might have to resort to farming. I recommend waiting until after you’ve beaten the game to start farming like a madman, but this can be done at almost any point in the game to grab bonus rewards. After about an hour of grinding, you’ll have enough raritanium to upgrade everything — and plenty of bolts to buy up the last few weapons you don’t have yet.

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Raritanium Farming | How To Upgrade Your Guns Faster

There are multiple methods for earning endless Raritanium, so let’s go over them. One requires a glitch (and a specific spot in the story) while others are completely glitch-free and can be done at almost any time.

  • Method #1: Arena – The arena is a great place to farm for Raritanium, and its easy to repeat.
    • Gold Match 5: In this battle, you fight Scolo and Sue together in the same fight. You’ll earn 6 Raritanium from Phase 1, 6 for defeating Sue, and 6 more for defeating Scolo. That’s a total of 18 Raritanium per run.
    • Bronze Match 5: Earlier in the game, replay this to fight Aby. Defeat it to earn 5 Raritanium per run.

Those are some of the best legit methods. If you’re looking for the fastest method possible, you’ll need to use a glitch.

  • Method #2: Glitch – During the Sargasso revisit in the story, its possible to farm a certain mini-boss endlessly for Raritanium.
    • Reach Sargasso during the Emperor’s Invasion story sequence. Play until you face off against the dino mini-boss. Defeat the boss to earn +3 Raritanium.
    • There’s an optional rift nearby. Enter it and fall to your death. When you respawn, exit the rift and the mini-boss will have respawned. Defeat it again for +3 Raritanium.

Rinse and repeat to earn as much as you want. That’s the fastest method possible right now. We’re only mentioning it here because this is a purely singleplayer game — so it’s up to you to decide whether you want to take advantage of exploits or not. This just helps you fully upgrade your guns slightly faster. It is incredibly tedious — the only reason this works is because the PS5’s super fast load times makes reloading instantaneous. So you can die, reload, and repeat while barely exiting the action.