Metroid Dread Revealed, Set to Launch on Switch on Oct. 8

Nintendo revealed a surprise new Metroid title at its E3 Direct. Metroid Dread (or “Metroid 5,” as it was called at the beginning of the trailer) is the next entry in the 2D sidescrolling Metroid series, the first non-Prime or non-remake title made in 19 years. The game is set to release on Switch on October 8.

Dread is meant to be a direct sequel to 2002 Game Boy Advance title Metroid Fusion. The trailer shows Samus, in a new red, white, and blue set of armor, infiltrating an underground base. She’s accosted by a white robot that looks a bit like a Portal turret — who’s apparently named E.M.M.I. Nintendo revealed in a Treehouse demonstration that Samus has several new gadgets and abilities, including a cloaking device. If you liked the look of either Samus or E.M.M.I., then you’re in luck as Nintendo is releasing amiibo of both of them alongside the game itself.

The name “Metroid Dread” was significant. It’s the name of an infamous Metroid title that was announced in 2005, but was never revealed, or expanded upon, or released. Nintendo execs who have been asked about it confirmed that it was in development at one point, but was never close to being released. There’s no way to know if the game we’re getting is in any way the same game as the one revealed all those years ago, but calling this game “Dread” is sure to set Metroid fans on fire.

Nintendo’s Shinya Takahashi also shouted out Metroid Prime 4, a title Nintendo has announced but not yet shown. He said the developers are hard at work on it, but the company has nothing new to show us at this time. Just to recap, it’s been four years since the game was announced and we haven’t even seen a cinematic trailer, much less a gameplay reveal.