Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – How To Unlock The RYNO | Spybot Locations

The ultimate weapon in every Ratchet & Clank is the RYNO — a massive bazooka that wrecks everything in sight. Almost every game in the series has the RYNO, and you always have to work to unlock it. This is the only weapon you can’t buy from a vendor, and if you want to earn the ‘Fully Stacked‘ trophy, you’ll need to get the RYNO.

In Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, the RYNO is sold by the new Ms. Zurkon vendor. You’ll just have to track down and collect 10 Spybots spread out across the galaxy. Generally, there’s one Spybot on each planet, and you’ll only be able to collect them all right before the end of the game. But, there is a NG+ and a harder difficulty in Ratchet & Clank that you can experiment with once the story is over. You’ll be able to bring your entire arsenal with you, and the new mode even includes two bonus weapons you won’t find on a normal playthrough. Getting all 20 weapons unlocks the ‘Fully Stacked‘ trophy, and the RYNO is easily the trickiest to get.

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How To Unlock The RYNO | Spybot Locations

The unlock the RYNO — the most powerful weapon in Ratchet & Clank — you need to find all 10 Spybots. After collecting all 10 Spybots, return to Ms. Zurkon on Scarstu Debris Field. Then you can purchase it!

The RYNO is only available before Planet 10. But, it can be used (including +2 other new weapons) in NG+.

Spybot #1: Corson V – In the conveyor belt room of Nefarious Station where you have to wall-jump off a large crate to reach a wall-jump shaft (this is the same room with a Gold Bolt collectible) continue through the door, and into the large room with the conveyors and laser gates. Wall-jump off a large crate to reach the top of a truck. On the upper level, jump across the two conveyors and onto the balcony and drop down. Jump across the train to the loading platform full of robots and jump into the big pipe on the far end.

Spybot #2: Sargasso – The final spybot is your reward for collecting all 60 Zurpstones. To do that, you need to destroy 30 to unlock the flying creature you can ride. At 45 Zurpstones, your flying mount can shoot fire. Now you can finally destroy all 60. Mort will reward you for finding them all.

Spybot #3: Scarstu Debris Field – Complete the “Vroom Around” Gold Battleplex challenge. Only becomes available after completing the planet Viceron, much later in the story.

Spybot #4: Scarstu Debris Field – After acquiring the Hurlshot ability, return to Scarstu and look to the right of the Battleplex entrance. There’s a Hurlshot Marker you can use to reach a Spybot.

Spybot #5: Savali – In the northeast corner of the map, look for a ledge marked with blue lamps. Follow them up, and speed up through the cavern path to launch yourself (and swing) to a far crashed barge containing this Spybot.

Spybot #6: Blizar Prime – Complete the “Find The Missing Chef” side-quest for Chef Tulio to earn this reward.

Spybot #7: Torren IV – Down by Vullard’s, use the magnetic walkway behind his place to go down. Enter the cavern below to find this spybot.

Spybot #8: Cordelion – Inside the Dimensionator Forge room, there’s a ledge directly above with a yellow rift. Zip to it to get the spybot up there.

Spybot #9: Ardolis – From the vendor in the center of the map, use the hookshot to the right, right the lift, swing to the second pirate ship, then drop down to the docks below. Reach the beach with the campfire to collect this Spybot.

Spybot #10: Viceron – Infiltrating the main prison, you’ll need to break through a fan. In the vents, continue past the triangle marker and bust through more fans. Eventually you’ll find a hidden alcove with this final spybot.