Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – How To Get All Gold Bolts | Locations Guide

Gold Bolts are back, baby! Bonus skins and cheats are available as Extras in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, you just need to find these hidden Gold Bolts. Gold Bolts are some of the trickiest and most well-hidden collectibles in the game. To get the RYNO you have to track down Spybots, and those are easy in comparison. You’ll have to complete mini-challenges, finish side-quests, and blast bad guys in the Battleplex to get all 25 Gold Bolts and unlock everything this game has to offer. If you’re up for the challenge, here’s where to find them all.

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Gold Bolt Locations Guide

Gold Bolts are hidden collectibles that unlock bonus skins and cheats.

Gold Bolt #1: Corson V – In the large room with the two conveyors in Nefarious Station, go to the second conveyor and use the large crate to wall-jump up to an inaccessible ledge in the back-left of the room. There’s a wall-jump shaft here you can use. This is where you’re supposed to go. At the top, look for the raised conveyors ahead — jump and weave through the two conveyors to reach the gold bolt.

Gold Bolt #2: Corson V – After finding the Phantom in the Night Club, you’ll have to follow them. In the large open area in the lower-right corner of the map, you’ll enter a section of the city populated by citizens. The Phantom jumps up a high ledge. To the right of the wall-jump shaft, go through an alley to find a dimensional rift. Use them to pull yourself to the hidden Gold Bolt location.

Gold Bolt #3: Corson V – On the way to the Nefarious Statue, you’ll gain the Phantom Dash ability. Return to the city marketplace with the stalls and use the lift to go up. Jump up to the large chasm from the pipes — there’s a wall-run marker here. Use it to cross over.

Gold Bolt #4: Sargasso – Going to Rivet’s Hideout, you’ll reach a structure on the far west edge of the map. There’s an island you can spot with a rift. Use it to zip over and get the Gold Bolt.

Gold Bolt #5: Sargasso – Not too far from here, look for an optional island with a green silo. It’s an island in the left-center of the map.

Gold Bolt #6: Sargasso – Return to Sargasso later in the story to unlock a side-quest. Collect all 30 Zurpstones and gain the flying creature. Use it to fly toward the satellite dish array on the west edge of the map. There’s a large circular structure with the gold bolt floating in the center.

Gold Bolt #7: Scarstu Debris Field – At the ship landing area, look under the first bridge to your right, near the big “2” sign. Drop down and use Clank’s helicopter hover to grab it as you fall.

Gold Bolt #8: Scarstu Debris Field – Complete the ‘Bugtrax’ Bronze Battleplex Challenge.

Gold Bolt #9: Scarstu Debris Field – Complete the ‘Pest Control’ Silver Battleplex Challenge. Return much later in the game and this challenge (and others) will become available.

Gold Bolt #10: Savali – On the quest to find Dimensional Blueprints, go to the northeast to find a green button. Hit it, then use the boost pads to reach the portal before it turns off. You’ll need to hit all the boost pads along the way to reach it in time.

Gold Bolt #11: Savali – Down in the southeast corner of the map, there’s a flying craft with this bolt. You need to chase it down, hook onto it and disable it.

Gold Bolt #12: Savali – Later, you’ll return to Savali for the story. In the far northeast corner of the map, there’s a large hole in the mining site. Drop down and complete the challenge to unlock the door.

Gold Bolt #13: Blizar Prime – At the start of the map, you’ll enter an area covered in magma in the far south of the map. Use the platforms to go left and find an optional ledge with this Gold Bolt.

Gold Bolt #14: Blizar Prime – In the center of the map, while searching for the Chief Engineer, go past the workers and climb the crates to a purple rift crystal. Activate it, go to the back of the area, and use gravity boots to hop to the broken sections of pathway to reach it in the destroyed alternate dimension.

Gold Bolt #15: Blizar Prime – On the far east island of the map (in the destroyed dimension) there are cracked roads you can run on with gravity boots. Reach a rift crystal to return to the non-destroyed dimension, then use the rift crystal on the upper ledge of the cavern. You’ll appear right next to the Gold Bolt.

Gold Bolt #16: Torren IV – On the far southern edge of the map, look for boost pads to launch yourself down a track — you’ll need to boost, then glide along a wall and hook-swing to reach this Gold Bolt.

Gold Bolt #17: Torren IV – Later in the level, you’ll reach a long rail-grinding section. On the rail, you’ll have to double-jump over minecarts, then reach a section of the rail that twists upwards. Use the rift as you go up to change directions and reach a Gold Bolt.

Gold Bolt #18: Cordelion – In the Control Room, use the rift crystal to switch to the ice dimension. From this high spot, you can dash and reach a far-off platform with another rift crystal. Use it to swap dimensions and find the Gold Bolt.

Gold Bolt #19: Cordelion – Inside the wrecked hallways, you’ll be hunting for the Rubion Forge. Down one of the inaccessible hallways, you can see a rift. It’s where about when you’ll spot an Amoeboid. Use the rift to zip through the rubble and grab this Gold Bolt.

Gold Bolt #20: Cordelion – Down in the underwater section, look for a magnetic wall in the center of the open underwater area.

Gold Bolt #21: Ardolis – While trying to survive the Pirate Trials, you’ll end up on the far west side of the map, in a wet cavern with a dinosaur skeleton. Unlock the purple gunk device to make a Gold Bolt appear.

Gold Bolt #22: Ardolis – Return to the vendor in the center of the map. Swing right to the pirate ship, then reach a second pirate ship. Straight ahead, from this ship, make a long jump to the docks below. On the beach, near the campfire, activate the mount spawner and ride the critter over the water. Follow the path of crates, mines, and ramps to reach the bolt.

Gold Bolt #23: Viceron – In the far south of the map, look for a door marked “119” — the bolt is right through it, on the pirate ship deck.

Gold Bolt #24: Viceron – Further north in the prison, you’ll reach an area with animals in cages. Jump onto the alien monster crate held up by a crane. There’s a platform behind it with this Gold Bolt.

Gold Bolt #25: Viceron – Back in the large prison block, after everyone is released and rioting, look in one of the ground floor cells.