Death Stranding Directors Cut Coming To PlayStation 5, Kojima Reveals

Kojima Productions dropped a teaser trailer for Death Stranding: Director’s Cut. We know it’ll be coming to the PlayStation 5, but we don’t yet know when. And, perhaps more importantly, the entire trailer consists of Sam Bridges unintentionally ribbing on the antics of fellow Kojima brainchild Solid Snake with some cardboard box shenanigans — that’s it, that’s the trailer.

Hideo Kojima dropped the trailer at the tail-end of a painfully awkward interview with Summer Game Fest host Geoff Keighley, during which he mentioned 9/11 more than once and hinted that he was working on a future project. Then he did the “one more thing” … thing that we’re all kind of tired of in-game reveals at this point.

The trailer shows Sam in an underground base, suspiciously populated with soldiers with limited vision and chest-high walls. Sam prepares to enter an open space, and takes a cardboard box off the shelf, presumably with the intention of using it for camouflage. He crouches inside it, turns it upside down, just like his brother Kojima creation, before apparently rejecting it and putting it back on the shelf. I’m not sure what he’s going to do instead, but apparently, Kojima heroes are now too good for cardboard boxes.

That’s all we got from the trailer for the game, but presumably, we’ll see more about it — including a release date — at another show later this week. There are a number of E3 events coming up, after all. It could also appear in a Sony summer show — the company usually has some kind of summer State of Play ever since it stopped appearing on E3. In any case, given that Death Stranding is one of the PlayStation’s more popular titles, it would look beautiful on the PlayStation 5 and we can’t wait to see it.