Outriders: How To Farm For 150k Scrap In 30~ Minutes | End-Game Guide

Scrap is always a useful resource in Outriders. For most of the game, you’ll be able to purchase improved gear from vendors instead of farming — and you’ll also get more scrap from selling your stuff than dismantling it. In the end-game, scrap becomes even more useful because of Titanium. By purchasing Titanium from Bailey, you can then trade that stuff for DPR at Tiago — and then you can purchase limited time only Legendary gear.

So scrap is always incredibly useful. If you want lots of legendary gear, one of the best ways is by spending scrap. There are a few pretty good ways to earn scrap — including just playing through Expeditions. But, it isn’t exactly the only way. It isn’t even the best way! If you want to earn 150k to 200k~ in about 30 minutes or less, you’ll want to repeat those Beast Hunt missions.

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Beast Hunts are special side-quests you’ll find all over Enoch — the quest markers are on alien corpses. By initiating a Beast Hunt, you’ll be sent to a specific area to clear a large monster. Killing it will drop a hefty pile of loot, and farming these missions early on is one of the best ways to earn Epic weapons and complete your Tier 2 Weapon Mod collection.

But there’s no reason to give up Beast Hunts in the end-game. If anything, Beast Hunts are even more useful. By farming Beast Hunts, you can earn huge piles of scrap — easily clear 150k per run on WT15. If you’re struggling to reach WT15, just farm Beast Hunts to get Epic gear, sell the extra you don’t want, and trade Titanium for DPR to get yourself Legendary weapons. Those Legendary weapons (and their Tier 3 Weapon Mods) are critical for clearing WT15 and beyond missions.

  • How To Farm Beast Hunts:
    • You’ll find Beast Hunts in many regions of Enoch. Check for quest markers near your camp at bone piles.
    • Play at the highest WT you’re comfortable with. You’ll earn the most scrap for WT15.
    • Fight the encounter and only kill the main boss / target monster. Grab the loot, then die to the normal enemies.
    • Respawn or reset and fight the boss again.

On WT15 this isn’t easy — you can choose to farm, or you clear the little enemies and defeat the boss the standard way. There are always more Beast Hunts. Sell all the extra loot you earn from the Beast Hunt at Bailey — dismantling loot always gives you less. Check the loot for any Weapon Mods you don’t have yet, then get to selling.

Expeditions are another great source of end-game loot, but they’re much harder to simply farm. You can easily reach maximum scrap capacity by repeating WT15 Beast Hunts.