Outriders: How To Change World Tier | What You Need To Know

World Tier is how Difficulty is scaled in Outriders. By doing well in combat and defeating enemies, your World Tier increases. If you die, your World Tier meter goes down. Scoring kills gives you World Tier XP — enemies will be harder, but you’ll get better quality loot.

Everyone already knows the basic, so we’re going to talk about some of the lesser-known stuff related to World Tiers. Many games — like The Division 2 — don’t unlock World Tiers until you’ve completed the campaign. World Tiers are an important part of Outriders from almost the very start, and you can easily manage your current difficulty by swapping around (or unlocking) different World Tiers. Let’s get into it.

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How World Tier Works | How To Change World Tier & Why You’ll Want To

As stated above, World Tier is your difficulty. The World Tier goes from WT1 to WT15 — each tier is unlocked by earning World Tier XP from killing enemies. Dying causes you to lose your World Tier XP. The higher your World Tier, the better the loot enemies will drop — and any enemy has a small chance to drop a Legendary weapon.

But, high World Tiers get difficult. By WT5, you might have trouble completing quests solo. You can change your World Tier at any time to manage your gameplay experience.

  • How To Change Your World Tier: Go to the Quest Map and press [D-Pad Left] — on PC, just look at the bottom-left corner of the quest map.

World Tier goes up by default as you earn XP, so if you’re having problems against a boss, lower the World Tier to make it easier. The higher the WT, the more damage enemies will deal to the player. Classes like the Pyromancer that rely on medium-range combat can get chewed up easily.

Before changing your World Tier, there’s a few weird wrinkles to the system you should really know about.

  • Don’t leave your quests incomplete when changing World Tier. If you lower your World Tier at any given time, your reward will always match the lowest World Tier you’ve set. Even if you’ve completed the quest and haven’t turned it in yet.
  • Rewards for missions only go down when changing your World Tier. If you raise your World Tier during a mission, you will not get better rewards.
  • The only time rewards improve is if your World Tier goes up naturally by scoring World Tier XP during a mission. Otherwise, you need to raise the World Tier before actually starting a mission to reap the benefits.

Basically, if you’re hunting for Legendary loot, you’ll want to boost your World Tier as high as possible. Lower World Tiers have a much lower chance of dropping loot. During the Demo Period, players were grinding Captains at WT5 for a miniscule chance at finding Legendary loot. Now we’ve got ten more World Tiers to try.