Astro’s Playroom: All Puzzle Pieces & Artifacts Locations | SSD Speedway

Rocket into the SSD Speedway as we continue our collectibles guide for Astro’s Playroom. This charming little platformer is included in every Playstation 5 — the trick is just finding a PS5 right now. There are 6 collectibles in each level, and four levels to each world. Do the math and that’s 24 collectibles per world, and we’ve got all the locations listed below.

In the SSD Speedway, you’ll get to try out new gimmicks like launching yourself into a glider, and then guiding a rocket through obstacles with the built-in Dualshock 5 gyro. You’ll even get to wield a minigun. This game just keeps throwing new toys to play with, making it an awesome little bite-sized game to platinum between the big releases.

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Turbo Trail

Puzzle Piece #1: Right at the start, turn around and jump on the platforms to reach the piece behind the starting area.

Artifact #1: On the first glider, stay up high and to the left to land on the raised platform on the island ahead — there are wires you can only reach by landing up there with the glider.

Puzzle Piece #2: At the second glider section, a puzzle piece appears in a big block to the right. Aim the launcher at it to grab it while gliding.

Puzzle Piece #3: On the third glider, collect the gold coins and get the puzzle piece at the last gold coin shape near the end of the path.

Puzzle Piece #4: Landing on the island after the previous puzzle piece, look on the back-left corner and there’s some hidden steps leading down to a hidden path with the next piece.

Artifact #2: At the giant rocket, go to the back of the area with a stack of crates. Knock them out of the way and pull the wires.

Caching Caves

Puzzle Piece #1: At the checkpoint inside the rocket cavern, drop down into the optional room to the left.

Artifact #1: Continue up the path toward the next cave checkpoint. There’s an optional cave on the left with explosive cord — use your rocket boosters on the cord to set off the explosion.

Puzzle Piece #2: Ahead, you’ll find a floor filled with TNT bots. Use your boosters to light the TNT and blow up the floor. There’s a puzzle piece below.

Puzzle Piece #3: In the area with the electrified walls with exposed wires, go right into an alcove with a purple web. There’s a puzzle piece to the right.

Artifact #2: Go full-blast on the boosters to blast through the purple webs and reach this artifact.

Puzzle Piece #4: Right at the end, exit your ship and jump down below the platform. There’s a glass case with the final puzzle piece of this level.

Deep Dataspace

Puzzle Piece #1: At the start of the level, look behind the rock pillar with the connecting bridge. Drop into the purple foliage and look behind to find it.

Puzzle Piece #2: Earlier, just to the left of the level spawn, there’s a lower rock ledge with three spin-switches. Use a charged attack to spin all three to reveal a puzzle piece.

Puzzle Piece #3: After using the bounce-pad to climb onto the spaceship platform, drop down on the other side to find a hidden alcove with this piece.

Artifact #1: Continue bouncing until you reach a checkpoint with an optional bridge to the right. Activate the spinning satellite and ride it up to a rock. Go to the far end and an asteroid will slam into the side — pull the wires to reveal this artifact.

Puzzle Piece #4: Continue past the checkpoint and up onto a rock with a TNT enemy. Set it off with your hover-lasers and a piece will be revealed.

Artifact #2: Near the last puzzle piece, you’ll earn a minigun upgrade. Take it back to Puzzle Piece #2 where there’s a glass case — backtrack and blast it, then pull the wires.

Orbital Obstacles

Puzzle Piece #1: Inside the water-filled asteroid, on the left side. You can’t miss it.

Puzzle Piece #2: Past the asteroid, enter the second area filled with mines. Before flying up into the space station, go right and down to find a side-entrance into the asteroid.

Artifact #1: Flying into the white space station at the start, look to the right for an entrance marked with a coin. This optional path leads to an artifact.

Puzzle Piece #3: In the passage filled with gun turrets, you’ll reach a room with spinning mines and a puzzle piece between them. It’s okay to get zapped as long as you get the piece.

Artifact #2: Right below the previous piece, float down instead of going up to discover a chilly passage. Use your booster rockets to set off the TNT to get the last artifact.

Puzzle Piece #4: Before the boss you’ll enter a challenge with wind turbines blowing downward with mines. The piece is under a mine, near the electrified floor.