Astro’s Playroom: All Puzzle Pieces & Artifacts Locations | GPU Jungle

GPU Jungle is the last location we’re tackling in Astro’s Playroom, the packed-in game that’s on every PS5 console. While it’s last for us, you can choose to play these four worlds in any order you want — GPU Jungle just happened to come up last in our list. It’s a fun little level where you’ll explore a thick jungle and see plenty of references to Uncharted and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

And once again, there are 24 hidden collectibles to find. If you’re aiming for 100%, you’ll need to get them all — even if it’s just to earn a couple of trophies! Half the fun of the game is searching every nook-and-cranny for secret optional paths or bonus puzzles.

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Artifact #1: Go to the right side of the starting jungle area to find a lower section. In the back corner, there’s a wall covered in vines. Approach it to reveal a hidden room.

Puzzle Piece #1: On the second level of the jungle, there’s circle platform to the left with two patrolling enemies. Defeat them both and use a charged attack on the flower that appears to generate more platforms. Follow this path up to a high puzzle piece.

Puzzle Piece #2: Up the series of platforms into the upper cave, you’ll reach a large gap where you’ll need to pull the wires to get a throwable. Instead of throwing it forward, throw it on the hanging breakable to the right.

Puzzle Piece #3: Instead of going forward, go left from the circle platform and pull the wire to find an optional path.

Artifact #2: Past the giant boulder that rolls down the cave entrance, go inside and go left — there’s a platform. Drop down and you’ll find an alcove with a wire.

Puzzle Piece #4: Continue past the bridge to the blue bounce pad. Below and to the left, there’s a hidden puzzle piece.

Teraflops Treetops

Puzzle Piece #1: Reach the first automatic moving grapple point when you’re in the monkey suit. On the way up, there’s an optional handhold to the left. Grab it on the way up and follow this path to reach the first puzzle piece of this stage.

Puzzle Piece #2: When you read the bars you need to swing on to reach higher levels, stop at the second bar and shimmy left.

Artifact #1: From the previous puzzle piece, swing and launch yourself up / left from the bar. There’s a hidden path here that leads to the artifact.

Puzzle Piece #3: On the bath with the swinging bars. Its basically impossible to miss.

Puzzle Piece #4: To the right of the previous puzzle piece, go to the far right of the swing bar and launch yourself up to a hard-to-spot handhold. This leads to an obstacle course that ends with this piece.

Artifact #2: On the previous puzzle piece obstacle course, look for a line of coins near the end. Drop down and grab the bar far below to reveal the artifact.

Raytrace Ruins

Puzzle Piece #1: At the start of the level, find the wires on the right ledge. Pull them and climb onto the ruins.

Puzzle Piece #2: Look behind the second checkpoint to find a secret cave.

Artifact #1: Climb the trigger platforms and bounce up the rocky wall. To the right of the tall rock tower, there’s a wire with an artifact.

Puzzle Piece #3: When crossing the rope bridge, a wind generator will appear. Use the wind to reach a far island to the right. Activate the switch and climb the tower that appears to get this piece.

Artifact #2: Reach the top of the tower with the previous puzzle piece. Use your laser jump to break the glass and pull the wires underneath.

Puzzle Piece #4: Defeat the boss and walk onto the rope bridge. To the right, there’s a hole in the rock wall with a target. Hit it with your power power-up to make a new path appear.

Mt. Motherboard

Puzzle Piece #1: With the monkey suit, reach the second wing bar. The puzzle piece is right above — you need to use the motion controls to swing slightly left to grab it after launching yourself.

Artifact #1: In the same area as the puzzle piece, there’s a rope with a handhold near where the piece is floating. Swing up and grab it mid-air to swing to the left, reaching an optional path. Go all the way up!

Puzzle Piece #2: Right after getting the artifact, you’ll appear on a bar beneath this piece. You can’t miss it.

Puzzle Piece #3: After climbing through the spinning sectional obstacle, you’ll reach the third landing and start climbing more bars. To the right of the bars, there’s a path you can jump and fall into with this piece.

Puzzle Piece #4: From the previous piece, you’ll fan into an optional path. Make sure to climb all the way down and touch the gold handhold.

Artifact #2: If you get the puzzle piece above, you’re on the optional path. Grab the handholds and climb up to reach this artifact.