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Astro’s Playroom comes included with every Playstation 5 console. It isn’t a long game, but it does show off everything that’s special about the console — and especially the controller. You’ll feel the pitter-patter of water droplets and the rumble of bots rolling around inside your controller. It’s hard to describe how advanced the new rumble function is, you just have to experience it for yourself.

And I haven’t even begun to talk about the actual game. Astro’s Playroom is a 3D platformer that’s heavy on the PS5-exclusive presentation. It’s got surprisingly tight, responsive movement that puts it in the top pantheon of these types of games — and naturally there are collectibles to find. Every stage has four puzzle pieces and two artifacts.

Here we’re going to explain (with text and screenshots) how to find them all for each world. We’re starting with one of the friendliest.

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Gusty Gateway

Puzzle Piece #1: Right at the start, use the zipline on the back-left of the first island and jump across the gap to the raised platform.

Puzzle Piece #2: On the second island with the first wind-cloud, reach the clearly visible piece on the ledge to the right.

Artifact #1: On the third island with the first checkpoint, ride the spinning bridge to the platform to the alternate path instead of going left. Climb to the raised platform with the wires and pull them to find the first artifact.

Puzzle Piece #3: On the same island, slide down to the second patch of mud. In the back corner of the muddy area, you’ll find a third puzzle piece.

Artifact #2: Above the mud, you’ll need to ride cloud platforms across the gap. Ride them all the way to the rock wall and use the platforms to reach the top. There’s another bunch of wires to pull here.

Puzzle Piece #4: Near the end of the level, when you’re walking in the rain, jump onto the small bus stop and then onto the high rock. You’ll find it in the little arena with the enemy that stomps the ground and generates electric shocks.

Fastlane Fields

Puzzle Piece #1: Under the ramp in the back-left corner of the first pink field where you’re in control of the rolling astro-ball.

Puzzle Piece #2: On the road-like street before the second field. You can’t miss it.

Artifact #1: At the rocky path, take the optional left road — it’s a tricky path with no guard rails, so don’t fall off!

Artifact #2: After the jump guarded by a giant pin, go right instead of left. There are two moving platforms you need to ride — don’t forget you can press in on the touch-pad to brake!

Puzzle Piece #3: Right rolling down the downhill slope marked by a controller statue, go right and use the bounce-pad to reach a hidden puzzle piece.

Puzzle Piece #4: While rolling on the final track, stick to the right side before the final jump to reach a small side-path with this piece.


Puzzle Piece #1: Before the electrified enemy you have to jump over, go left and use the bounce-pad to find a hidden path. There’s one on a flying platform on the left.

Artifact #1: Reach the end of this optional path to discover wires to pull, revealing the first artifact.

Puzzle Piece #2: Riding the purple platform through the electricity nodes, a puzzle piece will appear along the path.

Puzzle Piece #3: On the path with the spinning electricity panels, you’ll reach four panels with lightning blasts hitting them. The puzzle piece is floating in the center.

Artifact #2: Straight ahead, there’s a checkpoint and an optional path to the left — follow the spinning platforms to the raised platform with wires to pull at the end containing an artifact.

Puzzle Piece #4: Reaching the giant TVs slamming into the ground, continue to the checkpoint and use the floating clouds to jump on top of the first TV. Ride it up and you’ll find the last puzzle piece.

Bumper Broadway

Puzzle Piece #1: In the pinball area at the start, break all the pins circling the bumper in the center. Destroy all of them and the bumper will rise up to reveal a piece.

Puzzle Piece #2: In the same pinball area, go to the back-left corner and ride on the slide.

Puzzle Piece #3: On the ice-covered path, you’ll slide over two steps — the puzzle piece is right there! Backtrack to grab it.

Artifact #1: On the ice path, go onto the optional path on the left. Go up the narrow bridge to reach this artifact.

Puzzle Piece #4: Straight ahead, there’s a checkpoint and a giant bumper with the last piece on the right.

Artifact #2: Left of the giant bumper, there’s a very narrow path with two more small bumpers leading to a launcher. Press down on the touchpad to brake to make this tricky path easier.