Astro’s Playroom: All Puzzle Pieces & Artifacts Locations | Cooling Springs

Take a stroll through the water-filled wonderland of Cooling Springs as we hunt down all 24 puzzle pieces and artifacts. The first level is pretty unconventional for this game — instead of completing an obstacle course, you’re free to explore a pretty big beach environment. Later on, you’ll have to use a motion-controlled frog robot to jump into each and every collectible.

There are some pretty tricky collectible locations here, so if you’re missing one just scroll down to the level and check out the gallery for clues. Don’t forget that you can jump straight to any level you want from the map menu in-game, so there’s no hassle if you’re looking to re-explore levels you’ve already started.

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Bot Beach

Puzzle Piece #1: Reach the beach, then go right from the checkpoint to the pier. Use it to reach a circle platform above the water. Pull all three wires to make the piece appear.

Puzzle Piece #2: Left of the first checkpoint, there’s a large awning on the deck. Use the crate in the sand to jump onto the umbrella and then onto the awning. Bounce up high to reach this piece.

Puzzle Piece #3: To the left of the large blue structure, there’s a giant blue pipe with a surface circled around it. Look here to find a puzzle piece.

Artifact #1: On the right side of the beach, go to the spot where there are several floating crate platforms. Reach the end to find a wire to pull with this artifact.

Puzzle Piece #4: Right in the middle of the beach, there’s a crate with an enemy on it. Look behind the crate to find a cleverly hidden alcove.

Artifact #2: The last artifact is on the left side of the beach. There’s a small island with a single wire — pull it to make this appear.

Springy Spa

Puzzle Piece #1: After gaining the spring power-up, immediately jump left and break through the glass to find a hidden piece.

Puzzle Piece #2: Reach the spot where you need to jump up on the metal platforms. Right above (the the upper left) you’ll find this piece.

Puzzle Piece #3: After riding the lily pad up, go right and smash through the glass to find a hidden piece.

Puzzle Piece #4: On the path ahead, you’ll have to activate platforms with floor switches. There’s a piece along the path, it’s almost impossible to miss.

Artifact #1: Soon after the previous puzzle piece, look for a high ledge to the upper-left you can jump on. Up above, there’s a mystery box you can jump into. Launch yourself back out to collect the artifact.

Artifact #2: At the area with the moving platforms, ride up and jump onto the moving platform on the far-right of the level. There’s a vertical platform that moves to an artifact sitting on a glass pane.

Frigid Floes

Artifact #1: Slide through the tunnel, then look right of the checkpoint for a wire. Pull it to gain a throwable — throw it at the hanging platform to knoc it down. Use it to reach the far-off island and pull all three wires. Pull the fourth wire that appears to summon an artifact.

Puzzle Piece #1: Left of the checkpoint there’s a half-igloo. Look behind it to spot a small island with this piece.

Artifact #2: Reach the icey area and go left — jump across the four PS buttons and onto the snowy island. Pull the two wires on the hill to make a third appear. Pulling the last one gets you an artifact.

Puzzle Piece #2: Follow the main path until you reach an ice ramp. Drop down and look under the platform you’re meant to reach with the ramp.

Puzzle Piece #3: At the second ice ramp, there are two ice platforms on the left that lead to this puzzle piece.

Puzzle Piece #4: Riding on the melting ice platforms on the water, you’ll find this puzzle piece after jumping onto the second platform.

Hotel Hopalot

Puzzle Piece #1: Get in the spring suit and bounce to the left right at the start. Press the button to raise two platforms — jump up and you’ll be able to reach the piece.

Puzzle Piece #2: On the lily pad, jump onto the platform near the end of the path to reach the higher level.

Puzzle Piece #3: Jump through the glass blocks. At the top, there’s a puzzle piece to the left.

Artifact #1: At the beach, ride the water up to the swinging chandelier on the left. Instead of jumping to the chandelier, go right and jump over the water to hit the button, draining all the water.

Artifact #2: After activating the spinning platform, jump onto a switch that activates a lily pad platform. Don’t jump on it yet! Go left instead to find a second spinning platform that leads to the artifact.

Puzzle Piece #4: Ride the next lily pad up and you’ll see the piece to the left. You won’t miss it.