Sony Has A Workaround For PlayStation 5 Download Bug

The next-generation video game console platforms were highly sought after. Players were eager to get their hands on a unit when they were announced for 2020. Of course, we didn’t expect the entire world to have a health pandemic outbreak. Despite the virus causing issues all around the world, both Microsoft and Sony were successful in getting their consoles out into the marketplace. However, it didn’t mean that there wasn’t an issue with their arrivals.

Every new console has an issue or two that comes up with the first batch of units. It’s often the result of revisions and new models being released into the market. Likewise, several software updates pop up that allow these consoles to run a bit smoother. However, one issue for the PlayStation 5 proved to be a bit stubborn. Players were finding that they couldn’t get their download queue to go through fully leaving some games to be stuck.

This resulted in several players having to completely factory reset their consoles. That’s obviously a pain to deal with as you have set everything back up and hope that the downloads are able to complete as intended. Now it looks like there is a solution that Sony is running out with for this bug. Instead, this latest workaround should allow players to get their consoles back to working order until an update is pushed out.

According to the official PlayStation Twitter support account, the affected PlayStation 5 units should be started in Safe Mode from there you are supposed to select Rebuild Database. This should fix the issue but hopefully, a fix is sent out to avoid this whole process as well. As mentioned, there is plenty of issues that come up for new consoles so it’s only a matter of time before the console can run without any download queue problems at all.

Source: Twitter