Black Ops Cold War: How To Complete Every Side-Objective | Locker Keys, Intel & More

The campaign of Black Ops Cold War is a strange beast. Sometimes you’ll be completing standard Call of Duty missions, shooting your way through enemy bases — and sometimes, you’ll have additional bonus objectives you can complete to change your eventual ending.

Depending on what you do, you can have some pretty big effects on the story — or just find the strongest gun in the game. There are three missions with specific side-objectives you can complete, and we’ll explain everything you need to know in the full guide below.

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Mission: Brick In The Wall

  • Side-Objective: Kill Or Rescue Lukas Richter

After exiting the cafe, you’ll need to sneak through the streets of Berlin. Go through the building to the left and enter the apartment hallway. Exiting the hallway, the door to the Stasi interrogation cellar is straight ahead.

Down below, you’ll discover Lukas Richter guarded by three sleeping agents. They can be silently eliminated, and you’ll be able to kill or rescue Lukas. But, if you check the intel collectible in the room, you’ll discover than he’s a double-agent.

Mission: Redlight, Greenlight

  • Side-Objective: Take pictures of all 6 pieces of intel.

There are 6 pieces of intel you can find throughout this mission. To collect, take a picture of the blueprint / map with your camera.

  • Intel #1: After clearing the entrance checkpoint, find the first piece of intel in the guard booth.
  • Intel #2: Enter the facility and clear the hallway after you pick the lock. Down below, look for a room on the left. There’s a map hanging on the wall here.
  • Intel #3: In the main training course, go to the bar to the right of the Burger Town. On the second floor, you’ll find an office with the intel on the wall. This intel is required for one of the unlockable missions.
  • Intel #4: After printing the Operation: Greenlight intel, an alarm will go off. Enter the next room and look right to find the map.
  • Intel #5: Running through the hallways while the APC is shooting, you’ll enter a large concrete room where more soldiers rappel in. Downstairs, there’s a room on the right with a map on the wall.
  • Intel #6: Reach the Motor Pool where there are two heavy troopers. From the entrance, there’s an office on the right-hand side with a map.

Mission: Echoes of a Cold War

  • Side-Objective: Find the Weapon’s Locker Key

After losing contact with Woods, you’ll have to move through the facility solo. You’ll find a Weapon’s Locker in the dark hallways ahead. Continue up to the large control room and go right — there’s a side-office that leads into another interior office with the key on a desk.

The key unlocks the weapon’s locker earlier which contains the Redeemer revolver.

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